How my skin care shelf looks like

Do I apologize or do I just say hi and spam you with long overdue content. Welcome back back to my little space on the internet where we share all things lifestyle. I have been geeking about skin lately and I am more than excited to bring you the skin series on Instagram. This week I just wanted o show yo my skin care shelf and the products that I have and take you a little bit behind the thought process of getting those products. This video is as much of the products that I have (though I have since made new purchases) and a good representation of what I usually think about when purchasing a product.

Its important to note that these assessment and review is based on my skin care experiences. I have oily, acne prone skin and so I am judging these products based on that. I hope it serves as a review for people who are looking for product suggestions.

I have divided them into various categories based on their use and location in the skin care routine and also how I use them and generally feel about them. Consider this a quick review.

my skin care shelf

Hope you enjoy it.


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