Your sunscreen reminder

I was watching a video from my channel of some time last year when I was showing my skin care routine….I think its the last skin care routine I shared with you on the channel….and I was cringing all through and through. Not only did I have some gross mistakes in the video, but the sheer lack of sunscreen…..

This week I want to make up for my mistakes and say sorry to the skin that I have so long mistreated by giving you some three good sunscreen habits. For a long time, sunscreen was considered a Caucasian product and we were misled to believe that our melanin was good enough to protect us from damage from UV rays. Unfortunately, while there may have been some truth in this, it remains that our melanin is just not enough to give us desired protection especially if aging gracefully is part of the plan….So this is the classic case of we learn better to do better.

We learn better to do better

NYAKE 2020

We will definitely have a discussion on sunscreen and why it is important in a later post…but if you cannot wait for that…you can study for yourself through Michelle’s post here. She links studies that you may find helpful in your cause. Meanwhile….consider yourself reminded to wear sunscreen in this video.


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