How I am choosing a dermatologist

The year is 2020, I finally promised myself that I would go see a dermatologist. Not because my acne is getting worse, but just because I recognize the wealth of experience and insight that they could add to my skin care…and also acne. Quarantine had me learn a whole lot of things, including but not limited to how ill informed and under researched my skin care practices had been over the years. I literally cringe every time I go through my skin care tab on my blog…. but again trust the process.

I shared with you in this post how my lack of sunscreen habits are very cringe worthy so I won’t repeat myself. However, because of the promises I made to myself, I started to research on how to choose a good dermatologist and literally shop for one who I think will fit my needs. Its a daunting process for me to be absolutely honest because I have had less than ideal experiences with dermatologists and consultants in general. My goal is to find one who we can have a genuine chat about my skin care products, my routines… chart out skin care treatments that I can go for and perhaps supporting prescriptions and its proving to be quite some high expectations.

For me, skin care and workouts are a part of my self care and how I communicate love to myself, and I am nervous about ruining that by adding treatments that will jeopardize the relaxation of my routine. Part of this process involves working towards pain free skin as opposed to a strict result oriented regime (school gives me PTSD)… so this is a conversation that I am having with myself about seeing a dermatologist.

My process however led me to finding some criteria that I think is important in considering your choice of health care profession… It seems pretty basic and obvious, but is it though?… Here are some of the pointers I came up with…

Hope this helps you as you make your choice for the next profesional to walk your health care journey with you.


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