Masking for the win!!

Every time my skin behaves, I do a little happy dance because if like me you have acne, you know how real the struggle can be. One of the steps that I have taken is to mask my face 2-3 times a week. This may actually seem a lot to people but it has been working for my skin… To keep it calm. I am still learning to manage my skin and show up in the best way possible and that has meant listening to what my skin needs.

As I mentioned in this post there are a couple of masks and my favorite type of masks happen to be clay based masks. This is because they are deep pore cleansing and I get the best results with them. I also incorporate exfoliating enzyme masks. I find them gentle and convenient and do the job quite well.

PRO TIP: When it comes to exfoliating masks the gentler it is the better. While exfoliating helps your skis texture and glow, over exfoliating can damage your skins barrier. So having a gentle exfoliant is always a better idea.

I have also been trying peel masks and hydration masks as well, and I want to share some of the masks I have and those that I swear by in this video. Scroll down to see the products in their glory

1. T zone pink clay mud mask

courtesy @tzoneuk

I have talked about this one in the video and shared routines with it a couple of times like here. Its ingredients list is actually very impressive …it is literally a mask with all these amazing additions like vitamin c, retinol. It may be a bot drying which is typical of clay masks and it also separates so it needs you to shake it before use. Of course your moisture routine post mask needs to be on point too.

2. Alba botanica even advanced deep sea facial mask

I didn’t talk about this mask in the video however its one of the masks that I use. Its not my absolute favorite however on days that my skin feels super dry or the humidity in the air is super low and the other clay masks may feel too drying I reach out for this. It has kaolin swell which is a key ingredient I usually look out for in clay masks. Its formulation is actually quite hydrating (yeyy for the shea butter and the caprylic triglycerides in there) hydrating do people with dryer and normal skin types may find it to be an excellent choice to add to their clay masking routine… It has fragrance in case that is of concern to you.

3. Alba botanica good and clean pore purifying mini peel

This is an all time favorite sine I met it. Its super gentle and a five minute affair…. how convenient. Refer to the pro tip above for the other reason its a favourite.

5. Garnier skin active 3 in 1 charcoal mask

We have to have a discussion on this product in an upcoming post because this one needs caution. The formulation is arguably the best except for the fact that it has scrubbing pellets and the whole 3 in 1 doesn’t seem to work for me….Allow me to fully discuss this in its own video. Since I use it and transparency is important, let it sit here for now.

6. Garnier hydra bomb sheet masks

Last but certainly not the least (or is it?) this I consider a luxury item that truly embodies my skin care is self care mantra. These make for fun pictures and bourgeoisie feels. They usually have such outrageous marketing claims which I would advise that you don’t take seriously but also they infuse serums to your kin which is nice (a lot of glycerin actually )… So just a nice thing to have.

Whats in your masking routine? I would love to know.


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