Let’s review some sunscreens

I have just opened this blog in almost over two months. To be fair its actually three months now that today is the last day of February. Saying that this year started on a rather hectic note would be just a tip of the ice bag. I have struggled in all aspects of life in every sense of the word. I actually shared a bit of that on this Instagram post.

That being said, welcome to 2021 officially on the blog. A lot of things have changed since we last spoke in terms of life, skin care and even my mental health. I guess this is the part where I say stick around for those kinds of conversations in a bit. How? you may ask… well, by following me on Instagram (I am there for 6/7 days in a week, you get to discover the mundane of life with me)..and I do the fun things on YouTube…so subscribe to the channel too.

Today however, we have some important information to dissect. lol. Well not really. But i have talked and emphasized how important sunscreen is in your skin care routine. What I have probably not mentioned enough is how taxing it can be to find a good sunscreen. So I tried to ease the load both financially and emotionally by trying a bunch of sunscreens on camera for you to see and hopefully it helps you make the right sunscreen decision for you.

I tried 7 sunscreens in total and I have a write up for each of those for you….

Check out how the sunscreens apply on my face here….


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