A little catch up

I am currently holding my head in my palms in shame…. I haven’t shown up here sufficiently in Quarter 1 and I noticed this because the writing prompts page on my journal is blank. So I am trotting back here in shame and I need to say I am sorry. Work-life balance is an actual scam and i am here to report that I definitely cannot keep up.

In the same breath, my mental health has been struggling big time. I have had really high (in all honesty they were moderately high) to super low lows. Literally as low as hell. It did get to a point I was just like “what is this life?”…So I had to find help to process everything. I did actually, and I am maybe four or five sessions in. I love it so far, and I have been able to speak candidly about things that I haven’t been able to tell a soul, and really grappling on learning better coping mechanisms. 10/10 would recommend.

Second lock down is definitely upon us, around the same time as the first one happened. For some reasons these lockdowns always find us logistically unprepared. To be fair though, this one was announced quite abruptly and I was in Nairobi at the time. In fact, I was so sure that I was locked up away from B, but thankfully there was an extension that allowed me to leave and I was finally reunited with B…. after the longest journey on the most unnecessary route I have ever taken.

Speaking of the unnecessary route… so, I had to fly out of Nairobi to Mombasa… because top on our priority list was to be able to leave Nairobi. Since Mombasa was not on lockdown, I figured getting public means would be easier from there. The thing that I didn’t mention is that I have never chartered a flight in my entire life. So this was my first time…I loved the experience but it was over before it even started. I am not sure there is much to write about the flight experience, other than the fact that last year I had put flying as one of the things I wanted to do on my vision bard. Then, this year, in an unexpected twist of events … IT HAPPENED!! Moral of the story… vision boards are cool.

Anyway, you can catch up with the latest YouTube videos here.. don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. I would also love to know, how have you been? lets chat in the comments.


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