My 2021 vision board

We caught up 10 days ago… Ish. in between then, I have had immunization done against the panoramic.(the misspelling is intentional) That’s literally the biggest news I currently have just because everything else pretty much is rinse and repeat. How have you been? Hope you have been doing well.

As I was reading through my last post I noticed that I mentioned my vision board for last year. If you are not up to speed, every year we make a vision board on this blog. It is the overarching planning that guides us in the little microplanning that we then do every month, every week and down right to every day. Just like planning, its usually an exciting experience… literally the first time you get to ask yourself ,”what if it actually works?”

This year was not any different… we did it just around the time I was on hiatus from the blog…(that time when my silence was loud over here). I recorded a little video of the process and I am beyond excited to share it with you. (ofc…like and subscribe no?)

So this year, unlike last year, I found a way to consolidate all my work processes on one application. Initially I had to download images from the internet and then print (if I chose to do a physical vision board) or assemble them in a different software if I chose to do the vision board digitally. This year however, I met which was such a game changer as it reduced my work to half and also gave me such beautiful templates and fonts to use.

The other amazing thing is, should I chose to change or revise my vision board halfway through the year, I can easily do so….And, I get to access the visual across my devices which, is honestly amazing.

So here is how it turned out, hope you like it.


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