Shorty shorts

I started this post debating the spelling of shorty. Is it shortie or shorty? I’m not sure but when I figure it out I will definitely correct the spelling. anyway how are we stanning a consistent queen? (because I am the consistent queen ahem!) Forget everything I said in the cringe intro and grab a drink….make yourself comfortable in my slice of the internet.

Today’s topic….well not really a topic, just err… a little pocket of joy. So you know I am considered plus size right? When you navigate life as a plus size woman , there’s a few things you struggle of them is clothes sizing. So if you wear dresses and sometimes skirts, this wont bother you much. However, if you want to wear pants of any type and or creeps the size differences.

To make it slightly worse or a lot more complicated, i have a pear shape which means my waist and hip ratio do not always agree. I have tried to but shorts off multiple stores, and by have I struggled. Either no ass space or not accommodating my thighs and when they do, the waist is really big.

So when I went to get my trousers adjusted at siri studio, I was sifting through their shorts…when the assistant let me know that they could actually create for me a pair that was my actual size at the same price of the ready made ones….it wasn’t part of the plan that day, but it’s one of the best down payments (after the fridge and the mattress) that I have done.

It took about a week or two to be ready because there was Christmas break in between, and the initial material for the shirts I wanted was not available. When I received them though and they fit…Oh the joy….I absolutely love them. Here is a little show of them styled in the most basic way I know how…..( Now that we are here I remember I haven’t told you about the mattress, I will soon)

here it is..


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