7 things I wish I knew

It has been my intention all week to show up and say hello here… But then life has its way of reminding me who is boss. I am learning to take this a lot more graciously given that I haven’t had electricity for about 30 hours now and that just made me lose 1 full day worth of work. I want to be upset but I mostly feel helpless about this whole situation.

Anyway (small pose to my rant) I started to write the first part of this post eight days ago and I lost my train of thought in the process. I have been having a barrage of emotions that keep me awake at night (this is me writing this at 0200hrs). I think its called processing, I just never thought that things that I never used to think about or thought would bother me, do so now. But we will definitely talk about that soon .

In todays post however, I need to bring you up to speed on other thoughts and lessons that I have experienced in my few years of adulting. We always talk about adulting and say how its a scam. I am at the point where I experience more questions than answers at this point… I sat down and immortalized this thoughts on a video that I shared on my YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “7 things I wish I knew

  1. You are stunning first of all! I enjoyed your quick read, I’m currently watching your new video on YouTube. I’ll be sure to leave a comment with my thoughts ☁️🦋


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