I was initially scared of this family of ingredients growing up. The number of times I went into the GPs office, came out of the consultation and read the leaflet in the cream that they gave me and it said something like “this will make you sensitive to the sun” is more than I can remember. I was those people who were scared of the potential of the chemicals to harm my skin and therefore didn’t use any of the creams. I kind of accepted at some point that probably my acne was predetermined to stay with me. That was of course until I took the retinoid plunge , a little over a month ago.

I decided to jump into this field by first trying out retinol serums. I have s far tried the natural logix serum and the art naturals retinol serum. I enjoyed using both, but I didn’t see tangible resulted on my skin. So I thought for a while that all retinols were pretty much a scam. This was until I took a dive into the world of skin care that led me to some dermatologists online, which I must admit is very different from dealing with dermatologists as I knew them in person. And I learnt that the retinoids are some of the most in depth and widely studied ingredients in skin care, especially as far as acne was concerned.

Slide center to see some comparisons of where my skin was and where it is now.

So I plunged head first, ok maybe feet first into retrying them. I started with adapalene which is a very common over the counter retinoid. It has become my skin staple and reduced what I use and feel that I need for my skin by almost half. Its a once in a day application and I use just a pea size amount which goes such a long way.

When beginning a retinoid, always stick to your basic routine. This allows your skin to get used to the retinoid. It also allows you to observe your skin for any potential signs of irritation. using retinoids alongside actives especially at the beginning can be very irritating to the skin. So its best to stick to the most basic routine.

Here are some things that I have noticed on my skin:

  • Far less breakouts on my skin, throughout my whole cycle.
  • The breakouts heal faster and are less likely to leave marks on my skin
  • My skin is visibly brighter and has a glow to it
  • My pores look way more shrinked.

Here is how I have incorporated it to my routine:

Please note that adapalene and the retinoids are not safe for use for pregnant women . Always run your skin care by your gynecologist and dermatologist . ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN DILIGENTLY WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT


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