so this happened

I am back to my seat a lot earlier than i expected mostly because I have a very focused best friend who picked studying over cuddling…weird, right? But there’s people and then there’s principled people lol! B just happens to be one of the latter group. I am very happily settled at people. I have lots of assignments to catch up on so this post may be shorter than normal.

So after last week’s barrage of no’s which by the way ended up happening in some ways this week, I ended up getting a little breather for this week. I literally shut down and went on a little staycation with the fam. The secret plan was to sneak in some work time and do some touristy stuff. It wasn’t technically going to be some major tourist stuff because lets be honest, with my current standards of living, anything is exciting really effortlessly. Literally something as simple as being able to go out to eat or order take away brings me so much joy…What I am trying to say is, don’t hold your breath for some spectacular activities because quite frankly those were not part of the plan.

Three happy girls, my sisters and I on a deck overlooking the ocean. My interpretation of soft life
The girls and I

Not that this post is about those either just acknowledging that anything can really make me excited. I packed for it and for the first time even planned my outfits corresponding to the day and day’s activities. So of course I was super pumped. (I may recreate those for a future video). The first order of the day was to do my hair as soon as we got to the destination. That, started with a misunderstanding on pricing for what I wanted and as you know those hurdles in the salon can be such a mood bummer. At the end of that exercise I left the salon with something really different from what I wanted and not having made my nails (because getting it right was not something the salon was doing on that day) The hair look bomb though…

Soon after, my phone just decided that its days on earth were done and it started to fall in and out of consciousness. This particularly sucked and sucks because it is not only a tight month but it also meant that we couldn’t capture some of the beautiful moments of the trip, and we cant recreate those until next year summer break!! and that was such a bummer! Also because in the past few years my phone has become my life second to my computer…which meant I couldn’t even do the very sneaky bits of work that I wanted. Today morning it finally gave up the ghost. I am currently trying to find a technician who can fix a Huawei screen because I need to get back to formation and I have a journaling take over at the end of the week.

I don’t have a moral or hilarious take this week…But I am mentally rested and definitely well exposed to the quarterly dose of soft life. You can catch up with the very few snippets of my trip on Instagram, and do check the blog later this week for some skin care updates.


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