Its that week

There is a trend on YouTube and I think TikTok which is called “being that girl”. The essence of the trend is that there is an ideal girl on social media. the one who wakes up early at 5, takes her vitamins, works out, and takes smoothies. this girl also works from 8-5, be always put together and has a pet…in short the ideal girl who apparently we all want to become. However when you say it’s that week, the implication is a little different…

Its technically never a good thing. Some people may straightway think of period week. Of course that week is full of bloating and loss of iron, a very traumatic and painful experience. Or maybe exam week. the week where nervousness and diarrhea are common and anxiety levels are generally high. But, I speak if none of those. This is just the week when it quite literally rains and pours. Let me tell you why.

So it’s the last week of August and as usual, we are trying to make August count and see whether for the first time we we will meet our month’s goals. So the week is quite literally jam packed with a lot of activity. There is a design I am supposed to complete for a client. Its in the boring phase, the one for lots of detail and technical work. Please tell me why they decided they want to change the whole process and add rooms which were not part of the plan, which then flips the whole thing back to ground zero…well. So I decide to sleep on the thought and see how the idea can change…

I (we) wake up the next morning to no gas. And by gas I mean the one for cooking (LPG). I am fiddling with the cooker wanting to prepare some food and the flame won’t light. That’s when B discovers that we left the gas on for the whole night. You see I was preparing some rice the previous day, and I had reduced the fire to a very little flame. I was also doing some stew preparation so when everything was ready, I switched off the cooker…or so I thought. I checked to see whether there was any flame (because just the previous week I had forgotten to switch of the low flame and burned some rice in the process)… and there wasn’t. So I was content that everything was fine and we went off to sleep. Fast forward to the next morning then we realize the house was technically a fire hazard but we hadn’t smelled a thing!

As if that wasn’t enough, the very next day our bulbs begin to flicker… So panic because no-one else’s bulbs in the neighborhood are behaving that way. Immediately I switch off our electric appliances because nobody has the money or time to try replace those, we live in the middle of nowhere. Then the lights finally go off. The thing is, remember the assignment I was sleeping on? I needed to tackle it that night because deadlines…well now I can’t. And also I haven’t charged my devices, so there is that. We wont even talk about my laptop’s lack of battery….anyway…here we are….losing time.

We have that fixed the very next day, after which KPLC decided it is their day for routine maintenance and switched the power off. So I am here losing the second day of work. We have just had our Midday snack and decide that we can nap a bit. I go to wash my hands, find there is no water in the tap so I use some water from the reservoir we have to wash and we go nap. The nap is fantastic. Of course mine is shorter Than B’s because I have very questionable sleep and naps just are not my thing. I need to pee, so I am scooshing out of B’s cuddle and trying to find my shoes. I look down at the floor and behold….water!!! I freak out, “why is the house flooding?” I am trying to wonder where the water is coming from. I wake B up quite rudely and we are panicking at this point. I find my slides and go to investigate where the water is coming from…Remember when I went to wash my hands? Well , guess who didn’t close the tap? So the water had come back and somehow the sink was blocked. You know where this is going right? And this is just Tuesday. Of course we get into action of cleaning and assessing damage.

I am finding it really hard not to connect these incidences though, never mind spirituality and superstition not being my strong point. I can tell that I am traumatized (word here used loosely) because I had a nightmare last night about losing my laptop which is technically my life at this point. I woke up this morning wondering what this day was going to bring to me…and I am really crossing my fingers that it isn’t going to be another disaster.

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