The Stomach bug

This post is late because its been a week, technically quite a weekend. I’m sitting here typing this knowing that I have to go out later today and upgrade my wardrobe for warm clothes because Nairobi is showing me small small dust. I don’t know how you Nairobi people have been surviving this weather, and allegedly its better than it has been. This weather stresses me out, and not being prepared for it makes it even worse. As I figure out how to put together my wardrobe, let me catch you up on the weekend.

First of all, have you seen this post on Shiro’s blog? She was talking about the soft life movement…which I want to so badly weigh in but I have barely had the time. Its a good read and that was where my weekend started. This weekend was B’s birthday, his literal last step to third floor. Idk if its just me or as I grow older I prefer more intimate and chill birthdays…because that’s what we settled on and make a quick trip to Nairobi, because facilities in Kitui don’t promote enjoyment. It was also partly because B needed to fix his phone screen and we needed to get that done too.

It was pretty chill, we got the phone fixed with a bit of minor issues and had a little cake eating . We have gotten to the point where sugar is not our favorite thing to eat and its kind of hard for us to consume overly sugary foods. We have become those old people who we thought were weird. I wanted to have some bhajia from one of our favorite places, so I saved some stomach space for it. Little did I know that that was going to be the beginning of my turmoil. The next day when I woke up I had a bit of a stomach itch which I thought was weird. But nothing that a good poop cant fix yes?

This is B btw…he is a regular on this blog streets.

I was okay for the rest of the day with no major incidents. We did a little shopping which I was excited about. (Shopping with B is really amazing. We are both in this phase of discovering our styles and its exciting to try out things and shape our wardrobes) I noticed B was having a stomach itch too and I was really dreading it developing into full blown GE. That night my itch developed into a full blown bug and boy did I struggle to sleep. Thank God his did not because travelling with a stomach bug is a struggle that you do not want to have, at least not with a five hour journey ahead of you. I on the other hand spent the next day in and out of the loo trying to help my body expel everything it needed to.

Now all we are going to remember about B’s birthday is how we got a stomach bag/fluke…and how all the plans we had were disrupted by a series of inconveniences. But that is life ey?

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