I have been exhausted

It has almost two weeks since we caught up on this my little space on the internet. I usually look forward to writing because it has become my form of release that doesn’t take too much preparation. Unlike videos where I have to set up myself to be a presentable human, I can look homeless and still write without feeling like I will be judged for it. So I absolutely love blogging for that reason. So not writing for two weeks means that I have been swamped with life….

Anyway this week I experienced a really weird bout of exhaustion. Normally I need one day in the week to rest and relax, and basically not d anything mentally and or physically engaging. This week however, I needed a whooping two days, which I thought was a little strange but I guess the body knows what it wants. Plus in the past few weeks my body has taken a beating adjusting to a different climate. I am constantly sneezing and have runny nose in the morning.

That and the fact that I have been away from B for about two weeks which is the longest we have been apart from each other since the panini started. That has been an adjustment. We have mostly been surviving on calls and Whatsapp messages but clearly that is not nearly as good as in person meeting/ being together

In short I have been having quite the past few weeks. They have left me with an overwhelm that I need to recover from. So today I don’t have many stories, but I may show up later int the week with a different post.

Hugs for now,

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