Real life is different

B and I have been watching a telenovela, for maybe three or so months albeit non consecutively. (yeah the show has 100 episodes). Usually we don’t commit this long, or should I say I don’t, because B watched How I met your mother to completion a week after internship. Just for context, it’s been three years and I have never finished that show and I am not even sure that I am interested in doing so. The commitment is not my strongest point.

The point isn’t the telenovela though, or how long we have been watching it, but the fact that I woke up with a start from a dream that involved one of the novela stars… Except I couldn’t make sense of the dream either. I should have gone back to sleep, but it is a period night, and my cramps wouldn’t let me sleep. So I was just left to stare up at the ceiling waiting for my painkiller to get to half life. Naturally I try scrolling in my phone, but I am way to fidgety so I just end up plugging in my earbuds and start playing some music.

Coincidentally the first song is talking about running from people who doubt our love. This lyric just gets me grinning sheepishly at how the younger me would be eating up those lyrics. You know how on TV all love stories have the subtle “us against the world… Let’s run away” kinda theme? And I would definitely be putting myself in that space and drawing parallels to my life. Except growing up does a number on you though… And you realize that’s not how life works.

You realize that you (or your love) is not an unstoppable force and no situation is really an immovable object. You know how situations, especially external are present in a way that suggests you have to deal with certain people you don’t like or who don’t like you and resolve that in those shows? In real life, you don’t have to confront anything that you don’t want, or escape to Timbuktu either (mostly because you don’t have money and immigration laws are impossible)… You realize that nobody is worth your peace of mind or disrupting the consistency in routine or residence of your life.

And sometimes in the process you learn that even the people that doubt your love either don’t matter enough to make you run away or they don’t exist… It’s just like the way we grew up thinking we have haters because some famous people (who have actual haters) had some deep motivating hater quotes. And the quotes were fire, but they just don’t apply to us. We (at least most of us) will never grow to that level of importance, so we don’t get to have or worry about haters. Which if you really think about, is a good thing actually.

I need to go before I start another lyric breakdown…. cuddles with B are calling and I need to whisper in his ear some nice things and nonesence to his half awake self, I just might use these lyrics, or worse try to shuffle or do the robot because this beat is fire.

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