We’re swamped

I intended to write about fashion this week. Or was it last week, I am not sure at this point. I just know I needed to write about that. it was going to be a summary of the looks that I put together for this challenge….(which you should consider trying) but life would have it otherwise. Last week was supposed to bet the week of doing my social media work for the month so that I can then pave way for other assignments that I was to do. That of course turned out terrible.

Lets start with the fact that KPLC was such a big joke last week. We didn’t have power from 48 hours, which technically meant that I lost two days of work. So that left me having to scramble to catch up with the challenge, with work and the new assignments that were coming in. At this point I am sure that you are asking why I couldn’t just make a restaurant my workplace for the day, well.. I live in a small town which doesn’t have proper restaurants much less those with alternative power sources. so there is that. That whole fiasco basically shifted my week.

I have been playing catch up which means that I am not able to tell long stories here. I am hoping to have fixed that by the end of the week so that we can finally talk about style and fashion, and I can also put up November’s video which incidentally is about hair.

Until then, Catch up with October’s video here



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