Its 2022

I was about to type happy new year then I remembered this post where they said the deadline for happy new year was 5th. So technically I am two days too late. (at the time of starting to write this) I genuinely hope your year started on a positive note. Mine was definitely fantastic. I got my Christmas that I so badly wanted to have with B.

In fact it was much more than I anticipated. I did get beautiful flowers, a fantastic date night surprise (like the whole wear this dress and meet me at the door) and we tried out a new restaurant I had never been to where we ended up eating the most vegetables we had eaten in a while. I had the most fantastic night and lots of cuddles after. It was the most perfect start to a new year.

Happy new year from me and my favorite pants

We ended up having a random road trip with the family the next day which was really nice… And then boom 2022 hit full swing. So much work to catch up on beginning with restocking my journals which almost caused me a heart attack. I was sending payment from my bank to the supplier… But accidentally ended up buying credit worth 10,000 Kshs which could not be refunded from the bank or safaricom’s end. So I was stuck with credit and short of restocking money too. Luckily B was able to help me out by working some aspects of our budget (get you a supportive partner)… And I was able to finish up the restock, and they are available for sale this week.

Finally finished my vision board which I will share in an upcoming video. I’m both psyched and scared about this year… How have the past few days been?

Sending lots of love

Hope 2022 sends all the good experiences, love and amazing things to you.



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