So much life

I had a bug to write a blog post yesterday. My process of writing is usually very strange because I always start with a prompt rather than a title, and yesterday the prompt came to me. But as with every adult interaction, life just crept on me.

We have been preparing for a little transition and for the past week or so I have been out of touch with my work and quite honestly my life.. So packing and preparing for that has been super hectic.

Along with that came some emotional adjustments that I quite honestly didn’t expect to make. I have experienced everything from anxiety, alot of happiness to depressive thoughts and not being able to work or think for a whole week. I think it’s the uncertainty and the disruption that comes with new beginnings.

As confusing as the past days have been, it’s also an exciting transition that’s about to happen. I can at least point a few positives that will come from it and I get to explore some creative ideas as well.

The next post will be talking a little about the transition or rather laying groundwork for it. Can’t wait to catch you up on it.

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