The one with the transition

I’m back to my weird writing times, today it’s just before I go to shower. It’s my first shower in the past 2 days because life and extremely depressive moods. The kind of spoon that life has fed me off of the past two days, has me shaking my head every two minutes. I have literally gone through all my emotions.

Anyway, so we moved house… A few days ago. I was pretty stoked about this move because it presented a lot more opportunities for me and my business and also for B. We found a house after walking around for a bit, that was a compromise of what we wanted and needed a few things done to make some of the spaces make sense. I thought the changes were really minor and in a week or so they would be complete (to be honest one day was enough to do everything)… But alas!

Not only did we move in to a dirty house because the painter left his paint shavings all over, the paint was haphazardly done. He also had rinsed his brushes in the kitchen sink and all the other changes were not done at all. Even the repainting that the landlord had promised was nowhere to be seen! Turns out even up to yesterday they weren’t even aware that we have moved in. We haven’t signed the lease yet or even got a handover report.

Resultantly, the movers couldn’t unpack fully and organize the space… It’s been pretty hectic since. The carpenter is yet to come and fix some shelves so we haven’t even unpacked a good chunk of our stuff. I never thought that moving took as much mental space as it has taken me the past few days. I think I have unlocked a new tear tap because the amount of tears that I have shed!

I think the thing I have been struggling with the most is not feeling settled. New spaces are incredibly scary and intimidating. The whole process of getting a flow of things, figuring where to shoot, how to properly occupy the space is mentally consuming too. And I’m guessing it will take me a while…

On a more positive note though, B will be home all week next week and we begin to work in part on our room. We have a bit of a lighting challenge so it will be interesting to see how that comes together… And also we got a new cooker, which we have always wanted to have… But I guess we can talk about that a little later…

For now let me shower and settle in… I will try not to cry this week and see if I can get some work done. Also it’s officially my birthday month tomorrow!

Happy new month.

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