My Birthday wish list

This year was supposed to be the year that my birthday was going to be lit lit. I had all these fantastic plans on how everything was going to be fantastic and for the first time since I was 21 years old, I was going to make a big deal of my birthday, but then we had to urgently” move house, and that kind of changed the whole course of .

You see I have had this very weird relationship with y birthdays. Historically they weren’t celebrated since I was young, My parents didn’t believe in celebration much and everything associated with birthday celebrations were unhealthy and violated the health message. So it was a day like any other for the most part…of course until friends began making it somewhat of a better day. When I turned 18 however this came with a new thing, Anxiety around my birthday. I get birthday blues a lot and it only gets worse as I am closer to thirty and nowhere near where I wanted to be.

So this year after going for therapy last year, I decided to consciously work through and process my birthday blues. I think I will make a separate post about this… But I am also not letting you guess what to gift me. Boldly asking for gifts is something that I am low key terrified about but we are stepping into it this year. So here are some things I have been adding to my cart and wanting for most of my 20s.

For reference I am a size 16/18. Bust 38 Waist 34 Hips 52.

Flowy suit blazer

REF. 27073263-ELEONOR-LM

In a size XL or 2XL

Wide lapel wool-blend coat

REF. 17016704-TIME-LM

In a size XL or 2XL

Scented candle


The ones with sweet coffee and vanilla notes

Scented candle

@scenttherapy ke

The ones with sweet coffee and vanilla notes

Nika Bonica buttermilk set

In buttermilk

pants in L/XL. Sweater in free size

Bata Chad sneakers

Bata comfit item no 8819094

In dark blue or black

Will – Will Smith

Educate Yourself

Hard Copy or Paperback

I think this is fun way to let your faves know what to gift you without sweating too much,(hint hint). Any other March babies? What’s in your wishlist? Of course you can tap the check it out button to buy if you like me *wink*


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