The one with the transition : update 1

Its the end of the week, it was better than the first week. I managed to sit on the work desk for a bit, it almost feels like I am figuring my way around here now. I feel relieved, a lot less anxious and things are beginning to look like they are coming together. We are far from completion, but we are slowly adapting to our space.

First we got some help to clean clothes. It was one of the bigger anxiety items on the list. Figuring out how to get laundry done can be a headache especially seeing that we have no washing machine, and this house doesn’t even have anywhere to install it anyway. So after giving away some of the items that were no longer serving us to the caretaker we asked him if he knew anyone who was looking for a cleaning job and he suggested someone who we took up. If you have lived in a small/relatively small town, you know how its always beneficial to ask people you know for suggestions because in case of anything its easily traceable. Plus sometimes you end up helping people in need that way.

The house is beginning to make a lot more sense, at least for the Kitchen. We managed to find a home for everything and it has been such a joy to prepare meals in there. We switched the table top cooker for a free standing cooker that freed up a lot of counter space. We also got a carpenter to make a shelf in an undivided cabinet that created a lot more space for storage. (we need to have a carpenter story time because bruh). The storage for the rest of the spaces is far from solved. I reached out to a favorite carpenter of mine, Benson to make some shelves for some auxiliary storage and I am pretty excited to see how that goes.

we finally got a cooker. Small adulting joys

In other news, we had our first laundry day in this new space. It went relatively well but we were soon to be introduced to our little version of “neighbors behaving badly”. We had hung our clothes on the extra lines at the back of the building. I should preface this by saying that a considerable amount of my laundry consists of white things including towels and bedsheets. I have no idea why , but a neighbor from upstairs decided to pour porridge water down from their balcony and it landed straight on my whites!! Straight on my freaking freshly washed whites. I had forgotten what it felt to live in an apartment. That and feeling like every time the upstairs neighbor moves like someone is in your house. Its an adjustment.

Anyway its mostly ok… and the feeling of walking in the house with socks still stands unmatched. Speaking of which, I need to go clean it!

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