The one with the transition update 2

Last week we got down with the laundry and bits of settling in. I even got some work done. It was a pretty fruitful week and I even got some work done which was amazing. Today’s update is pretty short and sweet actually.

The last update mentioned a few changes that we were incorporating to make the space a lot more homey and how the kitchen had really come together, I am actually pretty pleased with the progress and we now have a home for most things. We do need to buy a few bobs for cutlery storage and swap the plastic fruit storage trolley for something sexier. But the functionality is pretty pot on as at now. I have also been eyeing these bowls but that is really for vanity purposes.

The room was the next place we needed to deal with, The cabinets we got are not the most functional ones and we are trying to sort that out . We introduced two levels of hanging for B’s closet and we are thinking of putting a floating shelf in mine so that I can rearrange my clothes, Some of my items have no homes yet. We made the first installment for a free standing shelf and I am pretty excited to see how that fits into the space.

Perhaps the most exciting transition is that we finally moved rooms! So initially when we moved in, we settled into a room which was okay except the lighting was really poor. I thought we could make it work, but I began to notice that it was really affecting my mood. I love well lit airy spaces which is part of the reason I like white spaces. Not only was the room cream but its also dark because the window opens into the balcony. So one fine morning we went to the hardware and bought white paint and just like that, painted a whole room with zero experience and just following pack instructions, It took us a while afternoon (including drying time) and we finally move the bed. I am super excited, or have been since then!! I guess it has to do with how well last week went.

Anyway, I wish this process would go faster, but adulting has other plans. Looking forward to repainting the living room and bringing a couch!!

In the meantime catch up on the transition posts here and here.

4 thoughts on “The one with the transition update 2

  1. Meanwhile I’m trying to move to the room with less light cause it gets too bright and hot when I’m trying to sleep in on the weekends. Lol

    I’m glad your new home is coming together 🥳

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