I took a break

Every once in a while i go on a break. sometimes a voluntary ne and most times an involuntary one because other things take precedence or my body just gives up on me. This month ended up being like that. I had a little trip to the city, and the exhaustion that has followed and sheer nonchalance in life in general has been quite a bit

Consider this a mini-update and a soft launch back into creating and writing. First of all I have been on the end/ exhausting part of a bunch of things I have been working on, including but not limited to a notebook launch for the Just her journals mid year bullet journal. I am pretty excited about this although it has been dragging a tad bit more than I would like to admit. Pretty excited to see how it turns out, and hoping to have a launch date soon.

I have been creating a lot more on Instagram (even though this week I took a break) and trying to grow on that platform as well. Working to see some of the content on skin care and hair care come back, and I am excited for that. I really just need to do a mid-year evaluation (because I feel like I got lost somewhere) but you can check out my work on there.

I’m hoping next week will be a better week and I can finally download some thoughts on to paper and videos. Meanwhile you can catch up on other posts here.



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