The corridor update

This post is long overdue . I want to say life happens, but I guess that’s not news? I have wanted to share the updates to my home as they happen but June has been a rather busy month on my end. I celebrated my anniversary…my 3rd anniversary which was amazing and we should definitely talk about in another post.

About a month ago, B and i finally decided to paint the hallway to have it match the rest of the house. I talked about us painting in this post and this video. I wanted to talk about the hallway in particular because its a relatively small and easy project as compared to a living room that needs major furnishing.

The Hallway Before

The color scheme in our home is grey and white. So we went into our local hardware and picked up Dura Coat silky finish in brilliant white. There was some Dove Grey paint left from our previous projects so we incorporated it into the space. Painting was pretty straight forward. We wiped down the walls ,removed cobwebs and covered the sockets then started with the grey wall. Because of the size of the wall we opted to use a brush to apply the paint and then roll to even out the brush streaks. We always do 2 coats just to make sure the wall is covered.

On the white walls we opted to roll because the surface area was larger and rolling is faster. We then allowed it to dry.

Because this is the first thing you see as you enter the house, right at the end of the hallway It needed to be pristine and cute. I had Peterson make a shelf for us that would store our extra toiletries, skin care and towels. So once the walls were dry and we cleaned up, we put together the shelf and here is the final look.

I still need some artwork and a rug, but I am pretty happy with how it is coming together.

View from the entry way

Shelf : Peterson 0724679252

Paint: Duracoat silk vinyl in Brilliant white and Dove grey

Rattan Basket : Ndara Baskets

Wooden Boxes: Old

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