A mud wash?

When we were growing up, our mothers probably charged us to stay away from anything perceived as muddy or mud. Well turns out that while mud could make our clothes dirty, it can be very very beneficial as well. Think about it with me for a second, where did our ancestors get shampoo to wash their hair? See that? We can’t exactly say they didn’t have long amazing locks either. I imagine that they probably used this particular mud.

The mud I am talking about is Bentonite Clay which is the one I have used. I have read of rhassoul clay being as well and probably a preferred option to some. I have seen at least two kinds of the bentonite clay, one that I got from CoCo Mac organics which was grey-ish an my second batch that I got from Ngara which was yellow orange-ish in colour. Depending on where you get it, the prices may range from about 300-100 per 100 grams.

If you google bentonite clay, you will find its numerous benefits including those of detoxing both the skin and the body…(yes people actually ingest that stuff)… and various type four naturals post of how gently cleansing it is, specifically highlighting how it does not dry and tangle your hair like most shampoos. Also it is said to clamp your curls exceptionally well making your curls pop.

After mentioning clay in an earlier post I got a question asking about its use…and so I will go ahead and share how I make use of it.


  • Clay

  • Water

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

  • Mixing bowl and spoon


  • Make sure the bowls and spoons you use are not metallic. This clay usually cleanses metals so you don’t want the metals impurities dumped to your hair. You may use glass, wood or plastic

  • Depending on the consistency you want mix ACV, water and the clay beating it every time to ensure fine mixture


  • Parting your hair in sections begin by applying on one section gently smoothing it into your strands using the praying hands method.

  • Repeat for each section until the whole head is covered

  • You may also use this mask for the face…its awesome!!!

  • Wait until its mostly dry… it may take anywhere from about 1 hour


  • Carefully and thoroughly rinse out the mud from your hair…. And enjoy your hair

  • Follow it up with a conditioner preferably a deep conditioning

And that’s it. Easy right?

What has been your experience with Clay washes? I would love to know!

Love and love


Henna glossing for hair growth

So henna is amazing yea? You have read a lot about it and you really want to try it out. But you don’t want to colour your hair. This may just be your solution… a henna gloss. I had wanted to try henna for a while after reading about its amazing benefits from the natural hair community. In fact my first deep conditioner promised me henna benefits so I was really excited about it.(I also want it back. Anyone knows where I can find this?) I was a little nervous though because I just didn’t want any colour on my strands… no thank you! So after reading lots of different articles… I settled for a henna gloss!! So I shall share my experience and basically hoe I use the glossing method.

Let’s start by making sure that the henna we are using is 100% body art quality. If your pack says so, then lets proceed. I’m learning also that the bigger the henna particles, the more stressful it is to rinse it out in the shower. I learnt it the hard way!! You may want to sieve yours!

What you will need:

  • Conditioner

  • Henna powder

  • Oils (optional)

  • A mixing bowl

What to do:

I usually eyeball the ingredients to my desired consistency, though I never really found a recipe (or is it formula) that had exact measurement

  • So in the mixing bowl, put your henna powder.

  • Add conditioner bit by bit stirring thoroughly to attain even mixture

  • Add the ingredients to your heart’s content.


  • Starting with freshly washed hair, carefully apply mixture on your strands giving extra love to your ends

  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap/ plastic bag and sit with it for about an hour or more if you wish

  • Then RINSE and RINSE and RINSE it out. (I can promise you it is hard work)

  • Then IMPORTANTLY deep condition your hair with a moisturising Deep Conditioner.

Just like that, your henna gloss is complete. sorry I don’t have pics of the after hair look though you can check in Curlynikki.com.

Ps: i do not do this very often!!!

So, have you ever tried a henna gloss? What was your experience?

Love and love


Confidence…the struggle

Hey people

I have a confession to make. So if you have met me before, you probably know that I am one of the people who pretty much have their lives together. I have really supportive parents and a great best friend who couples up as bae (read as the “one”) and the best sisters you could ask for. Generally my squad is dope! And as you would expect my life is set.

End of illusion and now welcome to the real world. I know it sounds cliché but the truth is my life is quite the contrary, and no it’s not because of family or bae. I happen to be one of the most freak-out-iy (I proudly created this word and claim all rights to it) person ever! Yes, I worry a lot and are very quick to discredit myself.

You see when I say that I am not the most confident person lots of my friends and acquaintances will dispute that, I mean I’m all about asking questions and dishing opinions here and there. In fact I’m usually the class perfect back-up vote of thanks person. But for some reason I have bouts of low confidence moments that hit hard. And they hit more frequently than I like to admit.

I had such a week ago and of course you know that the week was mostly a slump. I didn’t even feel like waking up or doing anything. It was just like dig a hole and bury yourself in there kind of mentality. the good news is that the cloud usually finally lifts even if it’s only for a bit. When it does, feel free to enjoy the sunshine that peeks through (and I’d say enjoy it to the maximum.)

I thought I’d share with you a couple of ways I try to deal with these days

  1. Get a cheerleader

This is your real squad, those who challenge you and point out your awesomenesss. It could be one person or many depending on you. Your family may be a good place to start or your significant other. Share with them what you are going through and be honest about it even though it is a small thing. Usually a cup of tea or juice or your favourite ice-cream later, you will be so full of positive vibes you will be amazed.

It would be important to state here that you should really avoid anyone who belittles your emotion because you will end up feeling twice as bad.

2. Do something you love

Yes, your hobby like swimming, colouring or hiking etc. just do something that redirects your energy. This helps to distract you and chances are you may be fairly good at it so why not.

3.Try and avoid the trigger

If it is a person or circumstance that you can avoid please do. Hanging around them will only make it worse!! If you can’t avoid then try to limit exposure .

Also talking to HIM helps a lot it’s probably the best solution, but there are times that I have been in such a hole that I didn’t think HE would listen to me anyway. Here is where a bestie comes in because, they pray for you (which is a plus) and pray with you which is super awesome!!!

How else do you deal with low moments? I would love to know.



Coming up with a regimen

Hey lovelies,

I shared with you my hair regimen a while back and I’m thinking the next question is how do you then personalize your hair journey and regimen? When I started out on this journey the biggest favour I did for myself was to keep my eyes open and of course my brain. I read all that I could read and sifted through loads of information. I still read a lot much more than I did then. I found some five “mantras” that really helped me get a foothold of this journey and I shall share with you

1. Read and read a lot

There is loads and loads of information everywhere and that is what you need. Look out for any information and go through it. Try synthesize it so that you come up with and understanding of your own. There are youtubers and bloggers who hand that information to you free of charge. Grasp the opportunities to learn. I say this quite cautiously because the information might be contradicting so keep your brain open to think and find out what best works for you.

2. Deep condition every time you wash and co wash

Our hair need lots of moisture and this is one of the ways to ensure our hair keeps in the moisture. It can be a little taxing because it adds 30 minutes or there about to your wash day which is a sacrifice on your part. So when you make it a habit, it stops bothering you, you actually love it. (I even started deep conditioning on the go under my scarves and turbans.

3. No combs or harsh tools in the first six months

In the first months of your journey especially if you are recovering from some type of damage, your hair is trying to figure out the sudden change in patterns and habits, so be gentle to it. Try finger detangling and keeping it in protective styles so that it figures out itself slowly but surely.

4. Social media

Inspiration comes from here. Diversify your crowd to include natural hair peoples who are also in the same journey you are in.

5. You

Here is where the bulk of the work lies. I had to give you a pep talk in the first four points so that we get to the big deal here.

  • Look at your schedule, create time for your hair… a time when you are relaxed because you don’t want to touch bae when you are frustrated ey?

  • Lean to handle your own hair. Nobody does your hair better than you.

  • Keep your mind open. You may try and sometimes fail, but don’t be afraid to try again

  • Also hair grows from inside out. What are you eating? What is your lifestyle like?

How did you come up with your hair regimen? I’d love to know…drop me a comment

To find out about my regimen, there is this post

Love and love