7 reasons why I am happy

So voting day is tomorrow and there is so much tension in the country. We all are praying that we remain as peaceful as we are right now… and perhaps screaming from the top of our social media platforms on how peace is a good thing, but we can’t deny the fact that we are scared, and tired and totally fed up with the election and tribalism talk. So in a spirit to distract myself for the next few minutes and also to engage you …. I jotted down these 7 things that I am truly grateful for/ reasons why I am happy. I would love to hear what you are grateful for as well because there is at least one thing to be grateful for.

So here we go:

  • I am happy because I have a best friend who has truly blessed me in many levels. I am grateful because I didn’t do anything to deserve him but I have him and he makes me so happy and sad and makes me think about my life in many diverse manners. I have learnt the real meaning of value addition through him. I am grateful for presence… because absence really showed me the importance of resent presence.

  • I am happy because I have a support system… my friends, #lecrew. I am thankful that they looked beyond our differences in beliefs, and tribe and religion and we came together and formed our own super culture that is friendship that has been enriched by our different views and experiences in life. I am grateful that I can call them at any time and I will get help in whatever way they can give me. I am also grateful for presence… just getting time to chill with these people is super refreshing!

  • I am happy because I have a family that I share life with. My folks and siblings. It would be lovely to say that we are the same but nope we are similar. Our experiences in life and our perspectives are different but I am grateful that we don’t have pressure to be the same.

  • I am happy because I have opportunities and I can use them to make someone’s life a little bit better… even if it means adding a level of idiocy in your life.

  • I am happy because I am healthy and I get to have something to eat, a place to sleep and facilities that enable me to express myself… and people to listen to my rants.

  • I am happy because my hair has grown… the struggle is real by the way…. Really looking into your lifestyle does pay off (of course with few cheat days). Health is one of those things I am not taking for granted this year… and having hair grow (healthy hair) goes on to indicate how well your insides are doing.

  • I am happy because I have you on board in my online family as well! Its super encouraging when you jot down stuff and people write back to say how helpful it has been to them. I also love that the family is growing, I see you on social media: twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for being around a lot, and asking questions or just saying hello.

I hope we can still be around after the whole elections hullabaloo is over… life must really go on and we can’t afford to hate each other because we have different opinions.

Love and love


Vision Board for 2017

Hello loves,

Happy new year!! Took a two week break from the blog to get my rest to begin 2017 on the right footing.

I am stocked for 2017 I hope you are too. 2017 for me is going to be a mountainous year as I learn how to be independent and get “all my monkeys swinging” (read as: getting my sh*t together). So to help with that, alongside getting to see the full scope of what I have to do, I thought it prudent to make a vision board. A vision board is basically like a mood board to a designer. The basic principle it is based on is writing down where you want to be and putting it in a location where you get to see it every day and remind yourself where you want to be.

I got this idea from Muthoni Njoba, who is a really cool makeup artist, from this video. So I sold the idea to B who was very supportive of it and so we purposed to come up with one (#twinning) together. In this post, we will basically share the process in pictures and ideas on how to come up with one.


  • If you don’t have a literal pin up board, you can create this super fun ones using mounting board. The thickness doesn’t matter at this point… just use a cutter to trim it to your desired size.

  • Take your preferred colour of paper and mount it on the board, using glue or double stick tape. You can opt to cover the whole board or leave an equal margin round. Also you may just want to use the board as it is. I personally prefer exciting spaces…

  • Accessorize the board and write your goals and dreams away.

A list of things you may find useful…

  • Mounting board –Ngariama road stationery shops or Text Book Centre or Sciencescope Kimathi street

  • Silver and gold gel pens- Text Book Centre

  • Embossed paper – Ngariama road stationery shops or Text Book Centre or Sciencescope Kimathi street

  • Sticky notes – any supermarket or stationery shop. Office mart on Kenyatta Avenue has pretty ones

  • Stickers – House of Leather,Nairobi. (the one at Adams)

  • Acrylic paint – Text Book Centre or Sciencescope Kimathi street

A few things to remember:

  • Be candid and really state what you want

  • Come up with a method to work at it

  • Then believe that you can do it.

  • Pray about it….

Love and love


How To: Smashing and Juicy Lips

Hey lovelies… happy Monday. Hope your week is off to a good start. So one of the things that I love to do is get pretty crafty. DIY projects are my thing, I happen to be very curious so you will find me jumping at the next recipe that comes my way, I was hoping to be able to share a mood board post, as a design guide but life happened. Anyway can we get into this post already?

Since we are all about skin care and basically trying to physically take care of our skin, can we talk about lips? Who doesn’t love some soft luscious (I always wanted to use this word) lips that look absolutely juicy? Well just before we get carried away in the description of the moment, soft lips are almost as sought after as petal soft skin. Dry cracked lips can be an indicator of dehydration in the body (used dehydration very loosely here to mean that your body is not getting the required water).

So to take care of our lips…. We have a simple step plan: DRINK WATER, lots of it,. Water is the basic ingredient that solves half of our body’s problems.

SCRUB your lips…just like our skin needs exfoliation to get rid of our dead skin, our lips also need this TLC. I will share a simple recipe of a quick lip scrub below.


What you need:

  • 1 tsp sugar

  • Few drops of your favourite edible oil. I use Extra virgin Olive Oil

What you do:

  • Mix into paste consistency.

  • Apply on lips and scrub in circular motions.

  • For a little fun, add food color or coloring herbs like turmeric.

MOISTURISE with a good lip balm as well. I personally find lip gloss an absolute bother and sometimes petroleum jelly gives me some annoying vibes as well, so I made this simple DIY lip balm as well.


What you need

  • Coconut oil about 1 tsp

  • Vaseline (optional) I find that it helps put together the recipe because the coconut oil is temperature sensitive. The cocoa butter flavour is bae

  • A bit of lipstick just for a light colour, this is also optional

  • A source of heat

  • A metallic bowl to mix the ingredients

What you do:

  • Mix the ingredients In the metallic bowl… then put over heat to melt them for even mixing, (you can opt to use double boiler method)

  • Pour into storage container and cool.

Just like that, my lips are on fleek!! How do you get your lips looking awesome?

Love and love


Of Silhouettes and selflove

I have a love hate relationship with the mirror. As a matter of fact, before my Natural Hair Journey, I never really used a mirror in my life. Mirrors to me were (kinda are) those annoying things that just had to remind you that you had a million and one spots on your face and would quickly reduce your self confidence level to -66%. So I generally avoided them. I never even looked at my reflection in the many glass-coated buildings in town, and whenever I did, the sight of my “fat” legs would quickly remind me why I never liked mirrors.

You see I am a pear shape… usually this shouldn’t be a problem except when your hips and waist decide to be inches apart in circumference… and when all authority in heaven and earth (as far as hips are concerned) were dumped on you in a rather unfair manner. I say unfair because everyone in my house is small and then there is me.

So while I should have been celebrating the curves that the LORD had made, I was busy lusting after small bodies. I was surely not eating all the food in the house and finishing for my sisters (why do people say this again? It is not kind at all! REALLY HURTS BTW!!). So I grew to dislike myself a lot and mostly thrived on a make believe world … something I still fight to date.

So last week I went to a place that is almost Limuru to baby sit my little nieces (and boy don’t they have interesting stories though). By the way I am an official baby sitter in case you need someone to stay with your kids, I have not been home for almost a month #outonbabysittingduties. (just email me!) So back to Limuru, it is so far from the road, you literally need to think twice before you embark on a journey to town.

Technically my life slowed down, thus I had time to think about a lot of things. Also I have my own ensuite bedroom which means my life is complete without necessarily stepping out of the room. Also, I could prance around naked or minimally clothed without a problem. Since the kids were out in school for most of the day, bedroom was my chill spot. There was a catch though… the MIRROR! It is right at the door between the door of the bathroom and the main bedroom door. So guess what! You have to see your unattractive self as it were every time you use the passages.

So for the past one or so week, I have been staring at this girl in the mirror. I have inspected her, criticised her, hated her, wished I could change just about everything… and finally learning to embrace her and love her. I have learnt to take care of her, to see those fat legs and be like…” they are mine”… to see that tummy and be like “we love you and we want to trim you”…. To see those thighs and be like “you are bae”… Just to love that body. So to endorse the self love body positive vibes, I decided to take some silhouette pics… just blurring out details and enjoying her form.

Maybe you should try mirror, or not… perhaps silhouettes… whatever you do, I hope you look at you and are like… “I’m dashing!!” If not, work your way there… whatever it takes!!!

Love and love


Gentle Reminder

Heyy you!! Yes you reading this… you have gotten to the end of October. Congratulations!! I hope it was not too hard on you…

I’m seated here on my bed typing, and I can’t shut this nudging feeling to put down this gentle reminders not only for you but for me too. You see, I’m currently not having a very relaxed mind, and that is partly because I feel like everybody in the world needs me… and not in a good way. More like in a way that stretches you and really drains you as it were. Technically it shouldn’t bother me, but it’s almost like I should switch off my phone and almost take a communication cleanse (which I will eventually, right now they may be some pressing matters preventing me from doing so)

You are enough… yes you are enough… you actually need to believe this. Sometimes in a quest to make a couple of people happy, you forget that you are actually more than enough. You are smart, you are beautiful and you are unique which is your greatest asset.

You will always be too much of something to someone, and it is not necessarily a bad thing, make peace with that. Everyone definitely has an opinion, and is entitled to one just as much as you are entitled to the choice of whether to take it or not.

You need time for yourself as well… to unwind, to release and to recharge. Nobody feeds fro am empty source, and in order for you to be as awesome and as effective as you ought, you need to take time off. That spa, that gym, that forest or that silent retreat, just for you. Don’t allow yourself to be drained by family or friends or your relationships… take time off.

Learn to say NO (note to self). Know when you can’t do it, it is okay to be tired or to have too much to do. It is okay not to want to see people and to recoil and cocoon and think about life.

SMILE often… even if it is the smile after slaying your hair and you are pouting and goofing on the mirror. Try and build joy from within and resist the urge to lapse into negativity. Keep up positive vibes and cut off negative influence.

DREAM big… it is okay to do so… PUSH yourself to achieve the dreams you have set… overcome the urge to be complacent and stay CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT!!

PRAY!!! (says prayer) talk to HIM, it is so therapeutic and it helps a lot!! HE is the real MvP trust me!!

Most of all, try each and everyday to love and appreciate who you are, and what you do to make the world a better place for someone.

Love and love


Vegan Challenge!!!

Hey lovelies, happy Monday!! Hope your week is off to a smashing start! If it isn’t smashing yet, things are bound to get better partly because we are going to take part in a challenge. I’m excited! In about five days, we begin a 21day vegan challenge. That should be October 1st.

So why vegan challenge? Apart from me having a penchant for trying new things, it is also a good base for me to vary my options. I have always wanted to embrace a fully plant based diet because of the numerous benefits I have heard. My ideal goal though is to be able to eat a fully raw diet because hey I want to look 40 when I am 80 and most importantly really function like a 40 year old (ride bikes and all).

This post though is not about why I am taking part in this challenge but rather to invite y’all to try it out for yourself. Depending on who you are this may just be the major leap you have to try something absolutely out of your comfort zone (pst… all the folk who actually write new year’s resolutions, remember saying you would try something new?). this for others may be the path to a healthy lifestyle especially if you detoured along the way. The reasons for joining could be varied, but we all can do this hey?

So here are some of the stuff about the challenge you need to know:

  • The challenge runs for 21 days from October 1st

  • You can eat anything, that doesn’t have origins from an animal. So no milk, meat, eggs, cheese butter e.t.c.

  • If you like you may opt for healthy cooking methods but this is optional

I hope I didn’t scare you already… Because it may be a challenge to decide or know what to eat during this period, my good friend Diana (the brain behind this challenge) created a support group where we share meal ideas and lots of good info on vegan substitutes for meat and achieving a balanced vegan diet with dashes of encouragement.

If you want to participate in the challenge and to join the group, please add Diana Onyonyi as your facebook friend and send her a message asking to join the challenge and she will definitely add you to the group.

Let’s do this…

Love and sunshine,


On self love

Hey beautiful people…

Happy end of the week. Hope you are holding up well. I am so so excited because September started quite well actually…last Sunday was the best friend’s birthday and we got down to some cooking which I shall share with you soon. Apart from that let us talk about self-love today. When someone says self-love it usually sounds like a bad excuse to indulge in vanity (or so I think in my head) but my mind has gotten round to wrapping itself around that concept.

I read alex_elle’s blog and I was very inspired to get into my own self-love experience and I have been finding so much beauty and love and sunshine in life. I think I am more patient now with the little faults in people (read as peeves). Thinking back to last month I have really experienced so much more love from myself and others as well.

I have had major wins as far as self-appreciation is concerned. Getting to shower my curves and edges with lots of love and even wear them proudly is a big deal! Also, accepting my weaknesses and coming up with a way to improve myself is coming at a pace that I am happy with.

Thanks for journeying with me on this. For those not on board, let’s join and learn to love us!! I would love to hear about your journey too!!

Love and love


Confidence…the struggle

Hey people

I have a confession to make. So if you have met me before, you probably know that I am one of the people who pretty much have their lives together. I have really supportive parents and a great best friend who couples up as bae (read as the “one”) and the best sisters you could ask for. Generally my squad is dope! And as you would expect my life is set.

End of illusion and now welcome to the real world. I know it sounds cliché but the truth is my life is quite the contrary, and no it’s not because of family or bae. I happen to be one of the most freak-out-iy (I proudly created this word and claim all rights to it) person ever! Yes, I worry a lot and are very quick to discredit myself.

You see when I say that I am not the most confident person lots of my friends and acquaintances will dispute that, I mean I’m all about asking questions and dishing opinions here and there. In fact I’m usually the class perfect back-up vote of thanks person. But for some reason I have bouts of low confidence moments that hit hard. And they hit more frequently than I like to admit.

I had such a week ago and of course you know that the week was mostly a slump. I didn’t even feel like waking up or doing anything. It was just like dig a hole and bury yourself in there kind of mentality. the good news is that the cloud usually finally lifts even if it’s only for a bit. When it does, feel free to enjoy the sunshine that peeks through (and I’d say enjoy it to the maximum.)

I thought I’d share with you a couple of ways I try to deal with these days

  1. Get a cheerleader

This is your real squad, those who challenge you and point out your awesomenesss. It could be one person or many depending on you. Your family may be a good place to start or your significant other. Share with them what you are going through and be honest about it even though it is a small thing. Usually a cup of tea or juice or your favourite ice-cream later, you will be so full of positive vibes you will be amazed.

It would be important to state here that you should really avoid anyone who belittles your emotion because you will end up feeling twice as bad.

2. Do something you love

Yes, your hobby like swimming, colouring or hiking etc. just do something that redirects your energy. This helps to distract you and chances are you may be fairly good at it so why not.

3.Try and avoid the trigger

If it is a person or circumstance that you can avoid please do. Hanging around them will only make it worse!! If you can’t avoid then try to limit exposure .

Also talking to HIM helps a lot it’s probably the best solution, but there are times that I have been in such a hole that I didn’t think HE would listen to me anyway. Here is where a bestie comes in because, they pray for you (which is a plus) and pray with you which is super awesome!!!

How else do you deal with low moments? I would love to know.



Me time routine


So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I love to pamper myself. I do it more frequently now because my body has been and still is under so much pressure to perform such strenuous tasks (i.e project things). One would think that pampering has to be so expensive but contrary to most opinions, it doesn’t have to. This post is just about to show you how I achieve my pampering sessions at home by myself and in an inexpensive way.

Before that though, its important to note that pampering is a good way to relax your body and help it to get rid of the bad stuff.

BODY SCRUBS are a great way to exfoliate the skin which gets rid of the dead cells. It also helps in circulation of blood which means your skin is more nourished. Since the skin is the most peripheral organ of the body, often it doesn’t get enough blood due to various factors of lifestyle and so it’s actually cool to conjure proper circulation. Did I mention how well your skin absorbs moisture after a good scrub?

MASSAGES are also a great way to help boost circulation and great for relaxation as well. The best part about this is if someone (i.e. your significant other) is doing it for you, it’s a great way to bond as well ey? *insert cheeky emoji*. Also, who likes to have a scalp massage? It is actually great for hair growth as well.

SALT BATHS are absolutely relaxing as well. You don’t have to have a bath tub, you could make a salt scrub (for the shower peoples) or add some to your hot bucket showers. Also soaking your feet in salty water is a great way to relax your feet especially after a long walk in heels. (can I get an amen somebody?)

I pamper once to twice a week simply because I can and it has also been kind of chilly which has necessitated the warm baths and body scrubs even more just to keep the body up for the cold weather. This is how I do it,

I either: -PREPOO SCRUB with my DIY coco-carb scrub

-wash my face with African black soap

-scrub my face then use a mask

-take a bucket bath with my shower gel

-rinse out my scrub


Or :

-Do my facial routine

-take a bucket bath with my shower gel

-scrub with a store bought scrub

– rinse out the scrub


Then; -wear your cotton pyjamas

-Get your cup of tea… hot tea

-Grab your favourite book (or if you are like me, a coloring book)

-Get into your sheets and or bean bag.

Have a relaxed day, won’t you?

How else do you pamper yourself / relax?

Love and love