3 Teas that may save your skin

Hello loves,

So a month ago I went on another readscapade to try get a solution for my acne. I shared with you a while ago my skin routine that attempts to keep my acne at bay. That hasn’t changed much though I tweaked it a little to add teas into my routine. It was a brilliant idea because apart from constantly drinking the teas, I began to use them as toners in my skincare routine…. AMEN to the antioxidants. I consider it very safe because its food grade, and if it is safe and healthy for your stomach, why not add it to your skin.

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3 ways to deal with Breakage|Natural hair


Hello loves

About a month ago, I noticed my hair was shedding more than usual and I was wondering what was wrong. Usually these instances usually throw me into some sort of panic lol. It is not the first time it has happened and I bet lots of us experience this. So I put together ways I combat my excess breakage and I hope this will be helpful for you.

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Gentle Reminder

Heyy you!!

Yes you reading this… you have gotten to the end of October. Congratulations!! I hope it was not too hard on you…

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2 smoothie ideas + vegan challenge update

Hey lovelies happy Friday… we haven’t cooked on here this month, which is quite weird considering that we are on a vegan challenge. I am really sorry about that, having to blog without a camera is a bit of hard work, and my internet connection does not seem to be helping much. End of rant! About the challenge… we are doing quite well, apart from my psyche levels going down and me grabbing a cake sometime on day four-five there, we are still going strong. I haven’t done a successful workout just yet though. I have been doing my teas a lot more, and also trying to improve my water game as well.

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Natural hair Journey on a budget!!

Hey loves…

Contrary to many sentiments, your natural hair journey doesn’t have to break your bank. Of course there is that phase of feeling that every product on the shelf should be tried.

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Skin Care:- tips and tricks + routine

Hello people, happy hump day! Hope your week is cool so far. I have been having connection challenges and also device challenges which has made it quite difficult to post as often as I would have liked. That said, we are here so we can as well have a little skin care session today. Of course you have heard that your skin is the largest organ in your body a million and one times before. This makes it very crucial to our being because lots of stuff that get into our bodies will pas through the skin. (part of the reason relaxers are a no-no) thus taking care of our skin is absolutely important.

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A mud wash?

When we were growing up, our mothers probably charged us to stay away from anything perceived as muddy or mud. Well turns out that while mud could make our clothes dirty, it can be very very beneficial as well. Think about it with me for a second, where did our ancestors get shampoo to wash their hair? See that? We can’t exactly say they didn’t have long amazing locks either. I imagine that they probably used this particular mud.

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Henna glossing for hair growth

So henna is amazing yea? You have read a lot about it and you really want to try it out. But you don’t want to colour your hair. This may just be your solution… a henna gloss. I had wanted to try henna for a while after reading about its amazing benefits from the natural hair community. In fact my first deep conditioner promised me henna benefits so I was really excited about it.(I also want it back. Anyone knows where I can find this?) I was a little nervous though because I just didn’t want any colour on my strands… no thank you!  So after reading lots of different articles… I settled for a henna gloss!!  So I shall share my experience and basically hoe I use the glossing method.

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Birthday Vegetarian Meat Balls

Is it even accurate to call them meat balls? Seeing that there is no meat in them? I’m not too sure about that.

Anyway hello everyone, I’m super excited about this post because it is about food duh and because I finally got round to making B’s favourite  (or almost ) dish for his birthday! Of course that doesn’t beat our vegan burger and fries here (or down below). So today’s post is about making this babies here…. I share the full process and hope you get to really enjoy these as your meat substitute.

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