The one with the transition

I’m back to my weird writing times, today it’s just before I go to shower. It’s my first shower in the past 2 days because life and extremely depressive moods. The kind of spoon that life has fed me off of the past two days, has me shaking my head every two minutes. I have literally gone through all my emotions.

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Its 2022

I was about to type happy new year then I remembered this post where they said the deadline for happy new year was 5th. So technically I am two days too late. (at the time of starting to write this) I genuinely hope your year started on a positive note. Mine was definitely fantastic. I got my Christmas that I so badly wanted to have with B.

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2.00 am

I can not begin to tell you how many posts (actual and draft posts) that I have started to write at 2.00 a.m because my sleep is a literal joke. I think I would classify it as more unstable than group 1 elements in the presence of moisture. OK that might be an exaggeration but you get the drift. Anything can set off my insomnia alarm and sometimes feel like my body does this to test me.

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Musings on girlfriends

Every time I see girlfriends meet up or do a bunch of things as I scroll through my Instagram feed, i experience a ka-feeling. I don’t know how to describe this feeling except to say that its a combination of awe with a bit of jealousy. Awe because well, the aspect of frienship fills my heart with so much joy and warmth. As a person who has experienced deep friendship, the way these relationships strengthen you and empower you can definitely not be paralleled. Jealousy because, how are y’all just a group of friends? This part has not been a reality for me…At lest not as far as girlfriends are concerned. Read More

Crippling fear of beginnings

I’m sure that you are here because you read last week’s post and you are hoping to have a glimpse into how I deal with anxiety and my gripping fear of beginnings. Remember how I said that adulting was a scam? Here is lesson 101 of adulting… Read More

Who sent this quarantine skin?

When quarantine began, everyone was gushing about how staying at home was going to have them take care of their skin and bodies and how they would be their fittest.

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Room make over shopping

I have always wanted to create a little sanctuary in my home. A place where I can want to come home to , basically a relaxed space. Earlier this year when we moved house, I started figuring out what I would like that space to look like and morph into. Read More