Real life is different

B and I have been watching a telenovela, for maybe three or so months albeit non consecutively. (yeah the show has 100 episodes). Usually we don’t commit this long, or should I say I don’t, because B watched How I met your mother to completion a week after internship. Just for context, it’s been three years and I have never finished that show and I am not even sure that I am interested in doing so. The commitment is not my strongest point.

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Its that week

There is a trend on YouTube and I think TikTok which is called “being that girl”. The essence of the trend is that there is an ideal girl on social media. the one who wakes up early at 5, takes her vitamins, works out, and takes smoothies. this girl also works from 8-5, be always put together and has a pet…in short the ideal girl who apparently we all want to become. However when you say it’s that week, the implication is a little different…

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so this happened

I am back to my seat a lot earlier than i expected mostly because I have a very focused best friend who picked studying over cuddling…weird, right? But there’s people and then there’s principled people lol! B just happens to be one of the latter group. I am very happily settled at people. I have lots of assignments to catch up on so this post may be shorter than normal.

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On confidence

I don’t know if I have talked about or intimated here before, but I struggle with confidence. not the confidence of wearing bikinis, because I slay those . I mean, we don’t come out of here live and so that reggae cannot be stopped. What I struggle with on the other hand is my self narrative and how much I judge myself.

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7 things I wish I knew

It has been my intention all week to show up and say hello here… But then life has its way of reminding me who is boss. I am learning to take this a lot more graciously given that I haven’t had electricity for about 30 hours now and that just made me lose 1 full day worth of work. I want to be upset but I mostly feel helpless about this whole situation.

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Crippling fear of beginnings

I’m sure that you are here because you read last week’s post and you are hoping to have a glimpse into how I deal with anxiety and my gripping fear of beginnings. Remember how I said that adulting was a scam? Here is lesson 101 of adulting… Read More

Trying to maintain normalcy

I haven’t written a long post in a while, maybe because I have very bi-polar days….extremely pumped and ready on one day and super tired on the next. Working on finding a balance is a constant work in progress and with the emergence of the pandemic, has become a tad bit harder. Read More

Unsolicited Advice is back

Well more like unsolicited opinions because we have A LOT of them. B and I stay awake on the phone and sometimes in person having conversations and just exchanging opinions amongst ourselves. So we created this series to share our weird and most of the time not normal opinions about a couple of issues. (yes, that pun was intended)

We have done two or three episodes so far and the first episode of 2020 is now out….Lets talk submission on the channel.



Toxic friendships…lets chat

Happy new week people….i just woke up from the best nap ever. Feeling happy and excited about having such amazing rest… especially after one very hectic week that was.

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