Masking for the win!!

Every time my skin behaves, I do a little happy dance because if like me you have acne, you know how real the struggle can be. One of the steps that I have taken is to mask my face 2-3 times a week. This may actually seem a lot to people but it has been working for my skin… To keep it calm. I am still learning to manage my skin and show up in the best way possible and that has meant listening to what my skin needs.

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One year in

I don’t know if you remember this post here, just after I had said yes to the love of my life for the umpteenth time 😂… Well it’s one year later, and because I purposed to be a lot more grateful and cognisant of small wins… I just added that date to my list of anniversaries…

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OOTD … Fairy tale edition

I got this skirt about three or so years ago… from my sister from when we were trying to experiment with shipping. Usually when you order from a mostly Chinese website, you tend to expect more disappointment than satisfaction. So when this skirt arrived, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise…

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STYLE IT: Of Pompoms and the pencil.

Hey loves…

Happy new week!! I hope you guys are awesome. All I can say for myself is… school…just school, A lot of school. That being said… today’s post is in the style it series yet again. This time we talk pre-wash fros and getting your slay on with basically minimal effort.

First, we talk hair… for us type four peoples, the kink is real. When you are preparing for wash day and then someone interrupts by asking to meet you… or when you have absolutely no idea of what to do with your hair….a puff usually saves the day. This tough can get extremely monotonous and sometimes you have to switch it up… with two mini puffs aka pom poms. This is not only versatile, but it has such kiddy and relaxed vibes attached to it!!

Then there is the pencil skirt that is a timeless awesome piece that gets you from 0-100 quite seamlessly. (The only struggle has to be the walking lol). Of course black is bae because I enjoy minimalist and monochrome vibes as well.

So when you combine them… well, let the pictures work that out.

Love and love


Of canvases and new things

Last week I tried out a very new thing tom me!! I caked my face or as we call it, I got a face beat courtesy of Wacuka Thimba of Wacukathimbartistry which was amazing. So background to this story… I took part in #riseofthekink which is a thirty day styling feature for natural hair!! If you haven’t seen it already… Instagram is your best friend!! We were a couple of us!! And I met some amazing women while I was there like her and Mayonde. Anyway check out the feature at @amadivabeautysalon

I will highlight the makeup part just because it was a very new thing for me. I had actually been freaking out the day before. Let’s just say I am one of those very few lucky people who had their first face beat done by a professional make-up artist!! While there, I got to learn a few things about my skin…that I would have never known. Like there is something like dehydrated skin…. Imagine I have dehydrated and oily skin… I know! My stress levels just tripled. So now I am trying to learn how to deal with dehydrated skin!! I am so confused… has anyone ever dealt with that? I would really love to know… please share.

While I sat there as she got my glam on, (I hope I wasn’t too difficult) I couldn’t help but think of how I really had an imperfect canvas!! Here was I recovering from acne…I had like two bumps… and a million and one marks… and hyperpigmentation… and now dehydrated skin. Yet she didn’t seem bothered by that, like it’s okay. She just took it on and worked her way to perfection and went a notch higher to give me advice and a chat. I looked at myself on the mirror I was like woo!!

Sometimes, we are busy trying to be what we think is perfect, we end up messing ourselves… I spent all my life doing lots of stuff to eradicate my acne thinking it was the ultimate goal… in the end I dehydrated my skin!! Now I have to learn again how to hydrate my skin. I am in no way saying that we do not attempt to be good at what we do… just that we don’t frustrate ourselves to a point just because we are trying to be as good as a certain standard or like someone else. Enjoy being you!! Do your best! The best that makes you sleep well at night!!

Also… the hair is goals!! Ok bye.

Love and love


STYLE IT: Day out inspired looks

Hey lovelies,

Previously on style it, date night look 1 and look 2 emphasis was on the night part! Today however let us just talk about how important and easy hair up-do is extremely essential to walking out of the door slaying. I started this style with a frizzy twist out as well that was mostly dry… plus my hair was feeling kinda moody that day… all the products were just sitting on it.

Anyway, so I sectioned the front hair for a side swoop and then pinned the rest to the back. I fluffed the swoop to my desired look and I walked out of the door. It literally took two minutes.

Of course then what better way to scream easy than with a skater dress (almost skater dress) especially with the sun coming through right here in Nairobi. If you have a girls day out or a casual meeting or errands to run… well there you have it. Also you can pair them up with three different shoes as shown!!

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Love and love


STYLE IT: Date night hair + Jumpsuit

Have you seen my previous posts in the style it section? Here it is..

In my last post, what I hadn’t told you is how hard it was to finally settle for this dress. Initially the votes had been in favour of this jumpsuit but I had a bit of a wardrobe hitch that made me not go for it. Also, something you may have realized (or not) is that dresses are my element so the jumpsuit was a bit of a stretch for me. If you are going for a work related new year party however, a jumpsuit may be your perfect mix of work and play!! What’s more, it’s almost a dress, then it’s not a dress.

For this hair look, I started with a pseudo frizzy twist out. Took out a section for the bangs, then taking hair from the edges I gathered my hair and sort of wrapped it with the edge sections. Nothing fancy. If you blow out your hair the style will be fancier… like in this video.

So this was my out come…

Jumpsuit – Thrifted at Adams

Shoes – Same as here

Photos – Bff’s phone.

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Love and love


GIFTING/PACKING IDEAS: shower goodies for her!!

When I was writing this Gifting ideas post, I couldn’t help but notice how this sounds like a #hisandhers or # twinning post! Lol. I guess its my lifestyle!!! So today along with sharing the suggestions I have for her… or more like what I use… I would love to make it interactive. Share with me in the comments, how a good shower or bath makes you feel….

Our shower bag has:

Body scrub/ face scrub

I love this one by Cyclux… the scent is gorgeous and the particles are just the right size. I like that its gentle enough to be a face scrub. The feeling on your skin after a good scrub cannot be matched!! (of course this comes second to this Tony Airo coffee scrub that is my absolute favourite)

Shower gel

In the spirit of twinning with this post… and by extension B I got this strawberry shower crème by PalmOlive as well. It smells absolutely gorgeous…I definitely recommend! (of course second to this shower crème by I love.)

Showering scrunchee / gloves

I already talked about these on this post right here. The feelings are mutual. I am now an official shower addict!!

Aloe vera gel

An excellent face moisturiser!!

Shea butter crème.

This is the ultimate skin moisturiser especially on cold days though also a lotion would come in handy for days when your skin is super dry.

What is in your shower bag?

Love and love…


GIFTING IDEAS: Shower goodies for him

Before we delve into this post… you need to read this post here where I talk about my love for self-pampering… or basically giving your body a break. Armed with this basic understanding, lets then delve into this post which is basically a product or pseudo favourite post. I have been assembling/ putting together shower goodies for bae just because a little luxury hurt nobody (read as improving the shower experience.) I honestly think it’s part of being aware of the little things that happen in your life. So yes you should go ahead and enjoy your shower!! No matter your gender. Did I say that showers are therapeutic?

So our shower ensemble consists of:

Shower gel

If you are like me… you do not like the smell of products that are made for men. B doesn’t also so we usually end up buying products that smell edible like this absolute chocolate smelling shower crème by Palmolive. The chocolate scent oozing from the crème will just get you stuck in the bathroom for hours on end.

Shower gloves

When I first got B these gloves he was less than interested until, the minute he had his first shower with them. It completely revolutionized all shower experiences. I got these from Chandarana Supermarket. Best believe you will be hooked.

Moisturising lotion (read as Vaseline!!!)

Anything goes here. I suggest having Nivea because its consistency is bae! For those days when your skin feels super dry. Otherwise Vaseline has been the ish since 1963. Need I say more?


Any is fine!! Yes really any is fine. If you are packing for a journey… then opt for the lighter disposable ones. Also shaving cream though B doesn’t think that is necessary.

Toothbrush (and tooth paste )

This is obvious. Been lusting after this vibrating tooth brush!!!S

If you are about to travel/ sleep over… just put them in a shower bag and voila!!!

You should definitely try!!!