GIFTING IDEAS: Shower goodies for him

Before we delve into this post… you need to read this post here where I talk about my love for self-pampering… or basically giving your body a break. Armed with this basic understanding, lets then delve into this post which is basically a product or pseudo favourite post. I have been assembling/ putting together shower goodies for bae just because a little luxury hurt nobody (read as improving the shower experience.) I honestly think it’s part of being aware of the little things that happen in your life. So yes you should go ahead and enjoy your shower!! No matter your gender. Did I say that showers are therapeutic?

So our shower ensemble consists of:

Shower gel

If you are like me… you do not like the smell of products that are made for men. B doesn’t also so we usually end up buying products that smell edible like this absolute chocolate smelling shower crème by Palmolive. The chocolate scent oozing from the crème will just get you stuck in the bathroom for hours on end.

Shower gloves

When I first got B these gloves he was less than interested until, the minute he had his first shower with them. It completely revolutionized all shower experiences. I got these from Chandarana Supermarket. Best believe you will be hooked.

Moisturising lotion (read as Vaseline!!!)

Anything goes here. I suggest having Nivea because its consistency is bae! For those days when your skin feels super dry. Otherwise Vaseline has been the ish since 1963. Need I say more?


Any is fine!! Yes really any is fine. If you are packing for a journey… then opt for the lighter disposable ones. Also shaving cream though B doesn’t think that is necessary.

Toothbrush (and tooth paste )

This is obvious. Been lusting after this vibrating tooth brush!!!S

If you are about to travel/ sleep over… just put them in a shower bag and voila!!!

You should definitely try!!!


On self love

Hey beautiful people…

Happy end of the week. Hope you are holding up well. I am so so excited because September started quite well actually…last Sunday was the best friend’s birthday and we got down to some cooking which I shall share with you soon. Apart from that let us talk about self-love today. When someone says self-love it usually sounds like a bad excuse to indulge in vanity (or so I think in my head) but my mind has gotten round to wrapping itself around that concept.

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The Puff life

Hey lovelies,

Any natural will tell you that this is probably the go-to style. It literally turns the messiest of hairs into the prettiest in a matter of seconds (or is it minutes?). I have done a couple of puffs since my hair was a bit shorter and the learning curve is great.

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Me time routine


So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I love to pamper myself. I do it more frequently now because my body has been and still is under so much pressure to perform such strenuous tasks (i.e project things). One would think that pampering has to be so expensive but contrary to most opinions, it doesn’t have to. This post is just about to show you how I achieve my pampering sessions at home by myself and in an inexpensive way.

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Recent Favourite Habits

Hello loves,

Happy Sunday, the day we all get to prepare for a busy week ahead. Hope you have been great as I have. Today I thought I’d share with you a few of the things I have been loving of late and have been giving me life. I compiled both habits and products.

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