On rest days…

For someone who moves around a lot, my adjusting time is really long, or at least that’s what B pointed out. I technically with my level of experience in traveling (read as operating from three homes per unit time) I should be able to adjust to different spaces really easily and relatively fast. Except I don’t.

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Just as I envisioned it

I have always envisioned myself as those girls in the pictures who put a laptop on their lap in bed, with a cup of tea and a towel turban on their head working on a chill evening. the problem is, I hardly if ever put a laptop on my lap despite its name suggesting were it should be placed, let alone turban my head with a towel. Its not like I haven’t done it before, its just that that instance was a shoot and the towel fell off my head not long after. The reality is, I can barely concentrate in bed, my laptop is 17 inches and quite heavy and I once had a cup of tea while I was working and ended up spilling the drink on my laptop key board and ended up needing a new one…So usually I just sit on the desk and type my posts.

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Its that week

There is a trend on YouTube and I think TikTok which is called “being that girl”. The essence of the trend is that there is an ideal girl on social media. the one who wakes up early at 5, takes her vitamins, works out, and takes smoothies. this girl also works from 8-5, be always put together and has a pet…in short the ideal girl who apparently we all want to become. However when you say it’s that week, the implication is a little different…

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On confidence

I don’t know if I have talked about or intimated here before, but I struggle with confidence. not the confidence of wearing bikinis, because I slay those . I mean, we don’t come out of here live and so that reggae cannot be stopped. What I struggle with on the other hand is my self narrative and how much I judge myself.

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Cuddles and shoulders…Difficult days

The story of how I met or rather started being close with my best friend is actually interesting. If you really want the full scoop check out our blog. ( haha we used to blog). I think about it and can’t help but notice how we unknowingly had the same kind of interests and circumstances. If I was superstitious I would definitely say that we were meant to be… But I am not…also our path just showed me that it wasn’t predestined but rather effort and intention. (That is definitely a story for another day) I digress. Read More

The June spread is here!!! (free download)

This week has been a strange week, not only have I struggled with bouts of exhaustion…which is usually typical of a first week of workout resumption, I have also struggled to sleep. I feel like I am in the initial pandemic stages again (how I was emotionally then) and it makes me anxious about having to go to sleep. Of course, I am sure by now that you realize that it is a vicious cycle, some weird kind of inception. I have been tapping into B’s strength, hugs and cuddles to function this week. Also, have I told you how jealous I am of the fact that B can literally fall asleep anywhere and at an instant… I keep asking him how it feels to be GOD’s favorite. Read More

Trying to maintain normalcy

I haven’t written a long post in a while, maybe because I have very bi-polar days….extremely pumped and ready on one day and super tired on the next. Working on finding a balance is a constant work in progress and with the emergence of the pandemic, has become a tad bit harder. Read More

My Wash day routine

Let us talk about hair for a minute…just because it has been a while since we talked about it.  This post here is exactly what I mean by it has been a while…. except today, I illustrate it in a video. Aaaannnnddd……suuuurrrppprriiissee I take you to the bathroom lol!!

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