Of canvases and new things

Last week I tried out a very new thing tom me!! I caked my face or as we call it, I got a face beat courtesy of Wacuka Thimba of Wacukathimbartistry which was amazing. So background to this story… I took part in #riseofthekink which is a thirty day styling feature for natural hair!! If you haven’t seen it already… Instagram is your best friend!! We were a couple of us!! And I met some amazing women while I was there like her and Mayonde. Anyway check out the feature at @amadivabeautysalon

I will highlight the makeup part just because it was a very new thing for me. I had actually been freaking out the day before. Let’s just say I am one of those very few lucky people who had their first face beat done by a professional make-up artist!! While there, I got to learn a few things about my skin…that I would have never known. Like there is something like dehydrated skin…. Imagine I have dehydrated and oily skin… I know! My stress levels just tripled. So now I am trying to learn how to deal with dehydrated skin!! I am so confused… has anyone ever dealt with that? I would really love to know… please share.

While I sat there as she got my glam on, (I hope I wasn’t too difficult) I couldn’t help but think of how I really had an imperfect canvas!! Here was I recovering from acne…I had like two bumps… and a million and one marks… and hyperpigmentation… and now dehydrated skin. Yet she didn’t seem bothered by that, like it’s okay. She just took it on and worked her way to perfection and went a notch higher to give me advice and a chat. I looked at myself on the mirror I was like woo!!

Sometimes, we are busy trying to be what we think is perfect, we end up messing ourselves… I spent all my life doing lots of stuff to eradicate my acne thinking it was the ultimate goal… in the end I dehydrated my skin!! Now I have to learn again how to hydrate my skin. I am in no way saying that we do not attempt to be good at what we do… just that we don’t frustrate ourselves to a point just because we are trying to be as good as a certain standard or like someone else. Enjoy being you!! Do your best! The best that makes you sleep well at night!!

Also… the hair is goals!! Ok bye.

Love and love


3 ways to deal with Breakage|Natural hair

Hello loves

About a month ago, I noticed my hair was shedding more than usual and I was wondering what was wrong. Usually these instances usually throw me into some sort of panic lol. It is not the first time it has happened and I bet lots of us experience this. So I put together ways I combat my excess breakage and I hope this will be helpful for you.

  • Dusting

Dusting is actually a mini-trim. It is lightly trimming the ends of our hair that are usually prone to single strand knots and matting. Our ends are the oldest part of our hair and so may be prone to misbehaving. I dust my hair myself in two strand twists.

HOW TO: section your hair into medium twists and lightly trim the ends. It is recommended that you trim your hair once every 6-8 weeks….but I will say that you only do so when need arises. You may also opt to get it professionally done.

  • Tea rinses / spray bottle

These are effective in reducing shedding a great deal. Your best teas are black tea and coffee and a selection of herbal teas as well. I prefer spray bottle as opposed to rinses because, I can use them all the time and not necessarily during wash day only. I store my spray bottle in the fridge and use it two to three times a week to moisturise my hair especially before styling.

HOW TO: I made a super concoction, with black tea, coffee, green tea and hibiscus and let it cool before storing in a spray bottle.

  • Protein treatment

Protein treatments are excellent because they temporarily fill in the gaps in the hair strand where the hair has been damaged thus strengthening the hair. I like the Venus Keraflex treatment because it does the job so well, and it has a moisture protein balance.

HOW TO: apply on damp hair after was smoothing it to coat every strand, then don a plastic cap for 15-30 minutes then rinse it out and follow with a moisture treatment.

Have you had a lot of breakage? How have you dealt with it?



2 smoothie ideas + vegan challenge update

Hey lovelies happy Friday… we haven’t cooked on here this month, which is quite weird considering that we are on a vegan challenge. I am really sorry about that, having to blog without a camera is a bit of hard work, and my internet connection does not seem to be helping much. End of rant! About the challenge… we are doing quite well, apart from my psyche levels going down and me grabbing a cake sometime on day four-five there, we are still going strong. I haven’t done a successful workout just yet though. I have been doing my teas a lot more, and also trying to improve my water game as well.

Anyway, a great way to incorporate fruit into your diet apart from eating it (which by the way is the best way) is to Smoothie it out. This is because you get to juice it as it were without losing the fiber part of it. Normal juice is actually not as healthy as we may suppose it is because we sieve out all the fiber thus stripping the fruit of its amazing benefits as far as supplying body sugar is concerned. Read that here.

Smoothies are also a great pre-workout grab!!! Here are two of my absolutely favorite smoothies.

MANGO Smoothie

What you need

  • Chopped mango

  • ½ cup of water

  • Ice cubes

What to do

  • Put the ingredients in a blender and blend

  • It is important that you do not dilute the mango because we don’t want to add sugar to our juice and we also want it to remain thick

  • You can add milk of your choice (soy, almond etc). I just don’t like the sound of milk in my fruit.


What you need

  • 1 banana sliced

  • Chopped pineapple

  • ½ cup water

  • Ice cubes

What to do

  • You may freeze the banana before hand

  • Mix the ingredients in a blender and blend away

The banana Smoothie is very very filling by the way. This is such an awesome way to give your body good vibes in the morning!!

Adding Chia seeds or any seed to your Smoothie definitely adds more nutrients to your Smoothie. Organic vegan protein powder is also welcome.

Ever tried smoothies? I would love to know.

Sunshine all the way,


Vegan Challenge!!!

Hey lovelies, happy Monday!! Hope your week is off to a smashing start! If it isn’t smashing yet, things are bound to get better partly because we are going to take part in a challenge. I’m excited! In about five days, we begin a 21day vegan challenge. That should be October 1st.

So why vegan challenge? Apart from me having a penchant for trying new things, it is also a good base for me to vary my options. I have always wanted to embrace a fully plant based diet because of the numerous benefits I have heard. My ideal goal though is to be able to eat a fully raw diet because hey I want to look 40 when I am 80 and most importantly really function like a 40 year old (ride bikes and all).

This post though is not about why I am taking part in this challenge but rather to invite y’all to try it out for yourself. Depending on who you are this may just be the major leap you have to try something absolutely out of your comfort zone (pst… all the folk who actually write new year’s resolutions, remember saying you would try something new?). this for others may be the path to a healthy lifestyle especially if you detoured along the way. The reasons for joining could be varied, but we all can do this hey?

So here are some of the stuff about the challenge you need to know:

  • The challenge runs for 21 days from October 1st

  • You can eat anything, that doesn’t have origins from an animal. So no milk, meat, eggs, cheese butter e.t.c.

  • If you like you may opt for healthy cooking methods but this is optional

I hope I didn’t scare you already… Because it may be a challenge to decide or know what to eat during this period, my good friend Diana (the brain behind this challenge) created a support group where we share meal ideas and lots of good info on vegan substitutes for meat and achieving a balanced vegan diet with dashes of encouragement.

If you want to participate in the challenge and to join the group, please add Diana Onyonyi as your facebook friend and send her a message asking to join the challenge and she will definitely add you to the group.

Let’s do this…

Love and sunshine,