Salons may not be the best place for your hair,here’s why

While going to salons is a welcome idea for days when you are feeling lazy or for general pampering… It may not be the best idea for your natural hair or your hair in general.

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Detangle type 4 hair in 30 minutes

Hello loves and happy Friday,

Hope you are all doing well. Ever since my little encounter with heat damage, I have been switching up my hair regimen a lot. One of the affected departments is the detangling department. I am always looking for ways to upgrade my techniques and methods to make my otherwise long wash day easier and I dare say faster.

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3 ways to enhance your conditioner.

Hello loves…

Have you been in that situation where you are looking for the perfect deep conditioner and the ones you find are too expensive or just not worth it? Then you get so stressed because you have no idea how your hair will get its desired nourishment? I know that feeling. Especially after traversing through more than one cosmetic shop and all I could find were too expensive for the moment. So I decided to transform my conditioner to a deep conditioner…. Here is how I do it.

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2 cheap DIY deep conditioning hair masques

Hello loves,

Happy New Year guys… hope you are all well. I want to say a new welcome to our new readers! You can subscribe to the blog (see the right hand side of your post… there is a subscription space). Also, I would really appreciate if you liked the Facebook page and followed my twitter handle. I need all the support I can get. Anyway so while we recover from the Holiday financial effects, I’m here to help you knock off some of the extra hair budget, so that you can keep your hair healthy even during these trying times.

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