I’m stylish now

I was trying to figure out a way to introduce this topic because its technically so left field for me. You would think fashion is just that, I mean how hard can wearing clothes be? its one of the basic tasks hat you learn as a toddler. Except its not that easy, especially to a young, plus size woman in a heavily cultural and religious setting. If you though people have opinions on what you chose to wear, now imagine being a fat, Christian, African woman, you really have to multiply that by a factor which in my estimation has to be greater than 5.

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Exploring my style journey

I enjoy watching the Try guys on YouTube in fact its probably my current online obsession that I keep up with very religiously.(lets not talk about religion here… but you get the drift) … I identify with most of them on individual aspects of my life, but this particular instance I must say I feel like Ned the most….touching on his struggle with style and confidence in fashion. Read More

Ootd… July

*Taps mic*…

It’s been a little quiet over here after my last post… In the internet circles they call it a creative block. For some reason I can’t seem to fully process my thoughts.. So they remain incomplete. That has been my silent struggle…

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Power breakfast?

This sounds like the title of a breakfast show or better yet.. A nutritious breakfast recipe… Except its been a minute since I shot food and doing those shots is difficult…

But something that we can all agree on is that date nights take many forms… Whether its a picnic or grabbing an early breakfast before work. Sometimes this also double up as some serious business meetings too.

B and I had a breakfast run a few weeks ago… Because we had some serious business to discuss (i.e shoot to discuss) Was a fun way to connect early in the morning. Here is a little outfit from that day.


love and love


OOTD … Fairy tale edition

I got this skirt about three or so years ago… from my sister from aliexpress.com when we were trying to experiment with shipping. Usually when you order from a mostly Chinese website, you tend to expect more disappointment than satisfaction. So when this skirt arrived, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise…

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STYLE IT: Date night hair +OOTD

Ever since this instagram post, I have had requests for my bad ass tailors number which I will share through inbox now that I am not sure I have a link to her Facebook account. In this post, is another of her creations as well… different materials in different style.

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Of Silhouettes and selflove

I have a love hate relationship with the mirror. As a matter of fact, before my Natural Hair Journey, I never really used a mirror in my life. Mirrors to me were (kinda are) those annoying things that just had to remind you that you had a million and one spots on your face and would quickly reduce your self confidence level to -66%. So I generally avoided them. I never even looked at my reflection in the many glass-coated buildings in town, and whenever I did, the sight of my “fat” legs would quickly remind me why I never liked mirrors.

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Gentle Reminder

Heyy you!! Yes you reading this… you have gotten to the end of October. Congratulations!! I hope it was not too hard on you…

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