Wash day essentials

In today’s post we tackle washing your hair. This is the basic action of removing dirt from dust, product build up from your hair and scalp. Because our scalp is made up of tiny pores from which our hair grows, dirt, excess product and dust can block our pores hindering hair growth.

So how do you know that your hair is due for washing?

• When your regimen says so.
At the beginning of your journey as we said last month, your hair hasn’t yet figured itself out and training your hair in a regimen helps to get it into a routine and to get yourself used to taking care of your hair. I shared a simple routine here that can guide you on when to clean your hair.

• When you have a greasy/dirty feel to your hair
We have all gone through that phase when our hair just felt dirty… not because of the duration between wash days but we had that feeling when we touched our hair. It could be the greasy feel on our hair strands or scalp…itchiness in our protective style or when our hair was visibly dirty. The there, is your hair needing a wash desperately.

• When it has been too long
Sometimes our busy schedules catch up with us and we forget to give our hair and scalp the much needed TLC it requires. It is recommended that we wash our hair between once a week to once a month.

Preparing for a wash

Once you have figured out how often you would like your wash day to be… there are a few things that you need to make your wash successful.

• Pre-poo
This is a treatment that you do to your hair prior to shampooing your hair. Pre-poo comes from two words: pre meaning before and poo which is short for shampoo. In a nutshell this is basically the practice of adding oils to your hair to prevent loss of the hair’s natural oils.

• A sulfate free shampoo

Sulfate free shampoos are best to use to cleanse natural hair or at least better than Sulphur shampoos. They can be pricey, but are a worthwhile investment. In case that cannot fit into your budget, a sulfate shampoo once in a month, with a co-wash in between should be just fine.

• A rinse out conditioner

This will be your first step in remoisturising after cleansing your hair. Sometimes shampoos strip our hair of the moisture and natural oils that it has, thus getting a good conditioner could be your first step in recovering lost moisture. The best conditioners are those without silicone as ingredients(because silicones are sealants and they could easily lock moisture out of your hair strand) and those that have really good slip. Nine of this however are cast in stone, so be sure to get a conditioner that works.

• A cotton tee-shirt
See that material that your towel is made of… that combined with the action of physically drying your hair can damage the hair and lead to excessive tangling of the hair. A better way to dry your hair is to use a cotton tee shirt and wrapping your hair then squeezing the hair gently to get rid of excess water. The aim is not to get your hair excessively dry but rather to leave your hair damp for the next process.


1. Pre-poo for 30 minutes or overnight . The best oils for Pre-poo are coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil. These have small enough molecules to penetrate your hair strands. (more information about Pre-poo next month so keep it tuned)

2. Saturate your hair with water… then divide your hair into sections. Ideally, you should wash your hair in twists to avoid excessive tangling.

3. Begin to apply shampoo focusing mainly on your roots because that is the place that needs cleansing the most.

4. Rinse out the shampoo off your hair and apply your conditioner. Some people prefer to detangle hair at this point.

5. Let your conditioner sit for anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour.

6. Rinse it out well.


• Dilute your shampoo… It will help you to stretch the usability of the product . Also you may realize that your hair doesn’t need all that shampoo that you slap on it.

• Take advantage of wash day to massage your scalp… massages improve blood flow to your scalp.

• You can consider washing your hair in twists… your hair tangles less but you need to really rinse your hair to get the products out of your hair strands.

Have a beautiful wash day… Won’t you?

7 reasons why I am happy

So voting day is tomorrow and there is so much tension in the country. We all are praying that we remain as peaceful as we are right now… and perhaps screaming from the top of our social media platforms on how peace is a good thing, but we can’t deny the fact that we are scared, and tired and totally fed up with the election and tribalism talk. So in a spirit to distract myself for the next few minutes and also to engage you …. I jotted down these 7 things that I am truly grateful for/ reasons why I am happy. I would love to hear what you are grateful for as well because there is at least one thing to be grateful for.

So here we go:

  • I am happy because I have a best friend who has truly blessed me in many levels. I am grateful because I didn’t do anything to deserve him but I have him and he makes me so happy and sad and makes me think about my life in many diverse manners. I have learnt the real meaning of value addition through him. I am grateful for presence… because absence really showed me the importance of resent presence.

  • I am happy because I have a support system… my friends, #lecrew. I am thankful that they looked beyond our differences in beliefs, and tribe and religion and we came together and formed our own super culture that is friendship that has been enriched by our different views and experiences in life. I am grateful that I can call them at any time and I will get help in whatever way they can give me. I am also grateful for presence… just getting time to chill with these people is super refreshing!

  • I am happy because I have a family that I share life with. My folks and siblings. It would be lovely to say that we are the same but nope we are similar. Our experiences in life and our perspectives are different but I am grateful that we don’t have pressure to be the same.

  • I am happy because I have opportunities and I can use them to make someone’s life a little bit better… even if it means adding a level of idiocy in your life.

  • I am happy because I am healthy and I get to have something to eat, a place to sleep and facilities that enable me to express myself… and people to listen to my rants.

  • I am happy because my hair has grown… the struggle is real by the way…. Really looking into your lifestyle does pay off (of course with few cheat days). Health is one of those things I am not taking for granted this year… and having hair grow (healthy hair) goes on to indicate how well your insides are doing.

  • I am happy because I have you on board in my online family as well! Its super encouraging when you jot down stuff and people write back to say how helpful it has been to them. I also love that the family is growing, I see you on social media: twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for being around a lot, and asking questions or just saying hello.

I hope we can still be around after the whole elections hullabaloo is over… life must really go on and we can’t afford to hate each other because we have different opinions.

Love and love


STYLE IT: Girly again

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Last we talked style it, I let you in on this juicy pompoms I had going on. If you haven’t seen it yet, I gat you!! Here it is!!

Today, we keep it short and sweet mostly because… well long prose bores little girls to death. And who does not want to be a little girl sometimes? When I saw this dress I was feeling all sorts of giddy about it. My only wish is that it should have been a little brightly colored!!

Ps: this was my graduation dress!!

Dress—Bisola Designs

Shoes—same as here.

Love and love


HOW TO: Shea Butter in 3 ways…

Hey loves… hope you are awesome!! As I was whipping shea butter today, I thought I would share with you some of the excess shea butter that I whipped and also some information on how you could use your shea butter. Shea butter is great because apart from being natural (which means it doesn’t have all the bad stuff) it contains vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection (it is SPF ~6) and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production..

  • Moisturizing: The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin’s natural oils.

  • Reduces Inflammation: A 2010 study found that due to its cinnamic acid and other natural properties, shea butter was anti-inflammatory. (source) One compound in particular, lupeol cinnamate, was found to reduce skin inflammation and even potentially help avoid skin mutations. This also makes it beneficial for some people with acne.

  • Skin Smoothing: Shea butter aids in the skin’s natural collagen production and contains oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids that protect and nourish the skin to prevent drying. With long term use, many people report skin softening and strengthening as well as wrinkle reduction.

  1. Hair

Shea butter is a great product for hair especially type four hair. Because of its buttery consistency, it helps to maintain moisture /seal moisture in your hair and it is also a great styler. To use it in hair…

  • In the L.O.C method… use it as the cream. It helps to seal in the moisture that you have put in the hair so that it stays for longer, and your hair does not become dry instantly/sooner.

  • As a styler, you may sprits your hair with water to just about damp… then set your twist or braid or bantu knot and let it set overnight. You will achieve a mean twist out like in this post.

  • You may also use it to boost your conditioner to make a deep conditioner.


  • By itself as a skin and face moisturiser especially in the colder months… it has such a good feel to the skin

  • As a lip balm to moisturise my lips in my evening routine

  • To help banish my acne scars and control my acne generally

  • On the eyelids before applying makeup to make it last longer (I haven’t done this before… you should try)

  • As a natural cuticle cream

3.Medicinal uses.

  • To improve skin elasticity (some even say it helps with cellulite)

  • As a massage butter… when B has to take care of feet lol

  • On scars to naturally help collagen production

  • On sore/raw noses during a cold or flu

  • As an SPF 6 skin lotion

How do you use your shea butter?

Also… I have a few jars of the extra shea butter I made that I am putting up for sale. I you are interested you can reach me on my social media accounts or via text through +254-789-394-222 or B +254-736-462-381.




Love and love,


Of canvases and new things

Last week I tried out a very new thing tom me!! I caked my face or as we call it, I got a face beat courtesy of Wacuka Thimba of Wacukathimbartistry which was amazing. So background to this story… I took part in #riseofthekink which is a thirty day styling feature for natural hair!! If you haven’t seen it already… Instagram is your best friend!! We were a couple of us!! And I met some amazing women while I was there like her and Mayonde. Anyway check out the feature at @amadivabeautysalon

I will highlight the makeup part just because it was a very new thing for me. I had actually been freaking out the day before. Let’s just say I am one of those very few lucky people who had their first face beat done by a professional make-up artist!! While there, I got to learn a few things about my skin…that I would have never known. Like there is something like dehydrated skin…. Imagine I have dehydrated and oily skin… I know! My stress levels just tripled. So now I am trying to learn how to deal with dehydrated skin!! I am so confused… has anyone ever dealt with that? I would really love to know… please share.

While I sat there as she got my glam on, (I hope I wasn’t too difficult) I couldn’t help but think of how I really had an imperfect canvas!! Here was I recovering from acne…I had like two bumps… and a million and one marks… and hyperpigmentation… and now dehydrated skin. Yet she didn’t seem bothered by that, like it’s okay. She just took it on and worked her way to perfection and went a notch higher to give me advice and a chat. I looked at myself on the mirror I was like woo!!

Sometimes, we are busy trying to be what we think is perfect, we end up messing ourselves… I spent all my life doing lots of stuff to eradicate my acne thinking it was the ultimate goal… in the end I dehydrated my skin!! Now I have to learn again how to hydrate my skin. I am in no way saying that we do not attempt to be good at what we do… just that we don’t frustrate ourselves to a point just because we are trying to be as good as a certain standard or like someone else. Enjoy being you!! Do your best! The best that makes you sleep well at night!!

Also… the hair is goals!! Ok bye.

Love and love


Keeping moisture in your hair

Hello lovelies,

One of the biggest struggles of naturalistas is to keep their hair moisturised. When I began my hair journey, I suffered from extra dry hair for the most part simply because I had no idea on how to take care of my hair, especially with regards to retaining moisture. So for anyone with a similar struggle… I compiled a list of reminders for you. I hope you learn something or you remember stuff you used to do.

  • Pre-poo your hair

This is basically adding oils to your hair to not only impart the good stuff on your hair but to also prevent your hair from being stripped of its natural oils during washing. It is best advised to use penetrative oils like coconut, olive or avocado oils because these three penetrate the hair shaft .

  • Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner

This helps greatly to impact moisture in your hair. A good moisture regimen begins at wash day. Avoid using shampoos that are high in sulfates and that will dry out your hair. Also, it is essential to condition ater every wash to get back the moisture lost during the wash day.

  • Deep condition your hair.

Deep conditioning adds the lost moisture and nutrients back to your hair. Always deep condition with a moisture rich store bought conditioner or you may just DIY your way out. I shared cheap and easy DIY hair deep conditioning recipes in this post.

  • Moisturise your hair midweek / everyday/ every other day

A great way to ensure that your hair stays moisturised between wash days is to re-moisturise during the week. Depending on your porosity it could be daily, every other day or just once a week. This ensures that your hair has a constant moisture supply.

  • Seal in your moisture.

After imparting moisture to your strands, seal it in with a heavy oil like castor, or a butter like Shea butter. This keeps the moisture in your strands, and you will realixe that you don’t have to re moisturise as much between wash days.

  • Sleep in a satin/ silk scarf

In your night routine, adding a satin scarf before you go to bed ensures that your hair retains moisture till morning. Cotton pillowcases sap moisture out of our hair and cause it to be dry and crinkly. If you are not big on scarves, a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet will be an amazing substitute.

  • Concentrate on your ends.

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and resultantly loose moisture the fastest. Ensure you give them extra love. Protective styling in buns and styles that tuck in your ends are a good way to keep moisture in tour hair.

Product recommendations:

  • Cantu leave in conditioning cream

  • Kentaste Virgin coconut oil

  • Dove volume boost conditioner (nutritive solutions line)

  • Castor oil

  • Shea butter. (whipped, you can talk to me if you need some)

  • Mikalla shampoo and conditioner

  • Mosara moisture milk

What habits do you use to retain your moisture? I would love to know.

Love and love,


25 facts about me

Hey loves….

So I met this random stranger a while back. I, sure we meet strangers all the time, but this was a stalker-ish guy, those guys who have ulterior interests. He looked about 40 years and my first thought was “ he is looking for a second wife!!” lol. Of course from first impressions there are a few reservations I had about him… and also the fact that my eyes are elsewhere at the moment (here). (speaking of which I should do a relationship post soon). What particularly ticked me off though was how a) someone meets you for the first two minutes and they are already talking of a relationship!! Whaat!! You don’t know me!! And b) someone who you don’t know, who has just declared their relationship interest wanting to hug you in the first five minutes of meeting!! Yuck!!

Anyway this encounter made me remember that we haven’t gotten to know each other on here yet.. so reach out for your cup of tea…and let’s get to know each other in the random facts about me tag.

  • My full name is Nyakebondo. I always refuse to tell people what it means but, I was named after my great grandmother. I love my African name more than my English name just because it is quite unique. Just google and see!

  • I was born during the day, at 0902hours in Aga Khan Hospital… I’m not sure how this adds any value, but at least I know I wasn’t bought lol. Also my bestie and I were born in the same hospital months apart!!

  • I am an introvert and extrovert at the same time. It’s kinda weird!! But yes!

  • I’m vegetarian and for some reason I have a love-hate relationship with eggs!! I consider myself almost vegan

  • I have a very selective memory…. But a good one at that! I usually filter subconsciously what I hear and consequently I remember particular phrases and stuff.

  • I have an over imaginative mind which scares me a lot. Analysing is my thing… but I guess that makes me prone to over thinking.

  • I think I have the perfect balance between euphemism and bluntness. While I am not confrontational with emotional issues, I can pretty much talk about anything in its raw form.

  • I’m beginning to enjoy being curvy, I didn’t for the longest time… perhaps because everyone around me is small and most of them have a fat phobia.

  • Do I have a resting bitch face? Maybe… apparently I look quite un-approachable. Though I think this has to do with my self-monologue habits.

  • I made peace with the fact that I am weird in my own way. Tried to fit in a box and failed miserably.

  • Also, I hate the word ‘proper’ or ‘normal’. I think it’s a bad excuse to be boring!!! Do things because you have a valid reason

  • I happen to be very tactile… I respond excellently to touch and experience things by interaction through touch, that makes me a hug girl and hold my hand person!!

  • Cooking especially for me is very stress relieving. I enjoy making myself feel special.

  • I am an official stationery and hair and body care product junkie (now you know what to gift me). My heart just beats to the sight of cute accessories and organic products.

  • Did I say that I love to pamper myself? (This here explains it). Showers and body scrubs and manicure… that life.

  • Shopping may as well be my past time activity… I love to know where to find what ranging from house fittings to personal accessories.

  • I love to be independent and the struggle and responsibility that comes with it. I live for that day I finally will.

  • I hope to make a living out of creativity, especially in solving people’s problems. That makes me absolutely happy.

  • Art and music make me absolutely happy as well.. I guess that has to do with creativity!

  • I am a pear shape…and that gets me into a lot of trouble as far as being followed is concerned.

  • My shoe size is 8/42 which makes it quite difficult to get ladies shoes!!

  • I have been Natural basically all my life…just that I began taking my hair seriously two years ago.

  • I basically am chilled and easy going… the folding legs on the chair type of easy…or the sit on the carpet and fold your legs easy.

  • I am currently obsessing over everything white. I just bought a white towel!! Yes!! White makes me absolutely happy.


I am looking to grow my blog and I would love it if you became my subscriber in any of my social media and blog as well. Please take a minute or two to do so.




Love and love


On self love

Hey beautiful people…

Happy end of the week. Hope you are holding up well. I am so so excited because September started quite well actually…last Sunday was the best friend’s birthday and we got down to some cooking which I shall share with you soon. Apart from that let us talk about self-love today. When someone says self-love it usually sounds like a bad excuse to indulge in vanity (or so I think in my head) but my mind has gotten round to wrapping itself around that concept.

I read alex_elle’s blog and I was very inspired to get into my own self-love experience and I have been finding so much beauty and love and sunshine in life. I think I am more patient now with the little faults in people (read as peeves). Thinking back to last month I have really experienced so much more love from myself and others as well.

I have had major wins as far as self-appreciation is concerned. Getting to shower my curves and edges with lots of love and even wear them proudly is a big deal! Also, accepting my weaknesses and coming up with a way to improve myself is coming at a pace that I am happy with.

Thanks for journeying with me on this. For those not on board, let’s join and learn to love us!! I would love to hear about your journey too!!

Love and love


The Puff life

Hey lovelies,

Any natural will tell you that this is probably the go-to style. It literally turns the messiest of hairs into the prettiest in a matter of seconds (or is it minutes?). I have done a couple of puffs since my hair was a bit shorter and the learning curve is great.

So lets talk about this look spotted in this blog post here. Yes the bantu knot out puff.

After I washed my hair in my two week old mini twists, and they were dry I decided to take them down and rock a twist out puff which, FAILED miserably. The puff wasn’t giving me the life I wanted. So, I decided to detangle and moisturise my hair after two days of rocking the twist out puff.

I then set my hair into bantu knots and allowed them to dry overnight. The next day was glorious!! The hair!!! So much definition and so much life!! (the vanity that went on though)

MORAL OF THE STORY: your kinks will make you very happy when you understand them!! So here is the final look.