Real life is different

B and I have been watching a telenovela, for maybe three or so months albeit non consecutively. (yeah the show has 100 episodes). Usually we don’t commit this long, or should I say I don’t, because B watched How I met your mother to completion a week after internship. Just for context, it’s been three years and I have never finished that show and I am not even sure that I am interested in doing so. The commitment is not my strongest point.

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Cuddles and shoulders…Difficult days

The story of how I met or rather started being close with my best friend is actually interesting. If you really want the full scoop check out our blog. ( haha we used to blog). I think about it and can’t help but notice how we unknowingly had the same kind of interests and circumstances. If I was superstitious I would definitely say that we were meant to be… But I am not…also our path just showed me that it wasn’t predestined but rather effort and intention. (That is definitely a story for another day) I digress. Read More