The Stomach bug

This post is late because its been a week, technically quite a weekend. I’m sitting here typing this knowing that I have to go out later today and upgrade my wardrobe for warm clothes because Nairobi is showing me small small dust. I don’t know how you Nairobi people have been surviving this weather, and allegedly its better than it has been. This weather stresses me out, and not being prepared for it makes it even worse. As I figure out how to put together my wardrobe, let me catch you up on the weekend.

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Simplifying my movement

I am smiling at myself as I type this because todays post makes me sound like those people who have just gotten into a relationship and then started dishing out advice. Well let me set your heart at ease and assure you that I have no advice to give, or at last I have stopped being those people. Mostly because half the time i have no idea what I am doing and the other half of the time life is set up in a way to embarrass the loudest people. So I am pretty content with just telling my stories, especially with my recent surge in creative juices/ big need to have a creative outlet.

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Period shame

June has been hectic… I was life-ing a lot away from the Internet and I kind of fell off the writing band wagon. I am also trying to figure out my voice and what I want to do with this platform. I appear from time to tie on Instagram and that is my favorite place to hang out…

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Shorty shorts

I started this post debating the spelling of shorty. Is it shortie or shorty? I’m not sure but when I figure it out I will definitely correct the spelling. anyway how are we stanning a consistent queen? (because I am the consistent queen ahem!) Forget everything I said in the cringe intro and grab a drink….make yourself comfortable in my slice of the internet.

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A little catch up

I am currently holding my head in my palms in shame…. I haven’t shown up here sufficiently in Quarter 1 and I noticed this because the writing prompts page on my journal is blank. So I am trotting back here in shame and I need to say I am sorry. Work-life balance is an actual scam and i am here to report that I definitely cannot keep up.

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Musings on girlfriends

Every time I see girlfriends meet up or do a bunch of things as I scroll through my Instagram feed, i experience a ka-feeling. I don’t know how to describe this feeling except to say that its a combination of awe with a bit of jealousy. Awe because well, the aspect of frienship fills my heart with so much joy and warmth. As a person who has experienced deep friendship, the way these relationships strengthen you and empower you can definitely not be paralleled. Jealousy because, how are y’all just a group of friends? This part has not been a reality for me…At lest not as far as girlfriends are concerned. Read More

Getting stranded…Quarantine stories

I’m kind of tired as I try to write this or maybe dictate this now that this Google app can actually record for me my blog post. Let’s actually see how far this goes before B wakes up because he is currently snorring just next to me. I hope you guys are doing well I’m making it a point to keep asking whether you are because this pandemic times are so unpredictable anything can happen. You can of course let me know how you are holding up in the comments below. Read More

Unsolicited Advice is back

Well more like unsolicited opinions because we have A LOT of them. B and I stay awake on the phone and sometimes in person having conversations and just exchanging opinions amongst ourselves. So we created this series to share our weird and most of the time not normal opinions about a couple of issues. (yes, that pun was intended)

We have done two or three episodes so far and the first episode of 2020 is now out….Lets talk submission on the channel.



Five ways to bring joy

After a stormy week, for lack of  a better word to describe it…I thought to share with you five ways that you can bring back the joy spark into your life. the thing about joy, is that you can have it even when you are not happy or when you are going through a difficult patch of your life. Read More