Keeping moisture in your hair

Hello lovelies,

One of the biggest struggles of naturalistas is to keep their hair moisturised. When I began my hair journey, I suffered from extra dry hair for the most part simply because I had no idea on how to take care of my hair, especially with regards to retaining moisture. So for anyone with a similar struggle… I compiled a list of reminders for you. I hope you learn something or you remember stuff you used to do.

  • Pre-poo your hair

This is basically adding oils to your hair to not only impart the good stuff on your hair but to also prevent your hair from being stripped of its natural oils during washing. It is best advised to use penetrative oils like coconut, olive or avocado oils because these three penetrate the hair shaft .

  • Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner

This helps greatly to impact moisture in your hair. A good moisture regimen begins at wash day. Avoid using shampoos that are high in sulfates and that will dry out your hair. Also, it is essential to condition ater every wash to get back the moisture lost during the wash day.

  • Deep condition your hair.

Deep conditioning adds the lost moisture and nutrients back to your hair. Always deep condition with a moisture rich store bought conditioner or you may just DIY your way out. I shared cheap and easy DIY hair deep conditioning recipes in this post.

  • Moisturise your hair midweek / everyday/ every other day

A great way to ensure that your hair stays moisturised between wash days is to re-moisturise during the week. Depending on your porosity it could be daily, every other day or just once a week. This ensures that your hair has a constant moisture supply.

  • Seal in your moisture.

After imparting moisture to your strands, seal it in with a heavy oil like castor, or a butter like Shea butter. This keeps the moisture in your strands, and you will realixe that you don’t have to re moisturise as much between wash days.

  • Sleep in a satin/ silk scarf

In your night routine, adding a satin scarf before you go to bed ensures that your hair retains moisture till morning. Cotton pillowcases sap moisture out of our hair and cause it to be dry and crinkly. If you are not big on scarves, a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet will be an amazing substitute.

  • Concentrate on your ends.

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and resultantly loose moisture the fastest. Ensure you give them extra love. Protective styling in buns and styles that tuck in your ends are a good way to keep moisture in tour hair.

Product recommendations:

  • Cantu leave in conditioning cream

  • Kentaste Virgin coconut oil

  • Dove volume boost conditioner (nutritive solutions line)

  • Castor oil

  • Shea butter. (whipped, you can talk to me if you need some)

  • Mikalla shampoo and conditioner

  • Mosara moisture milk

What habits do you use to retain your moisture? I would love to know.

Love and love,



Hello loves,

Today we have a review of DOVE conditioner that I picked from Nakumatt Supermarket after lusting for it for almost a year. I almost picked it a couple of times, just that it has silicones which I am not too big on. Nonetheless, I got it and tried it. My first reaction was actually, “why have I never tried this before?”… It is from the nutritive solutions range which is a new line by Dove. It cost 300 kshs which is about $3 for 200ml. I would sy the pricing is okay… not too much.

So it promises to “help boost the volume of fine hair leaving it looking thicker fuller and beautifully bouncy”. The instructions say that you use it after shampooing and apply from mid length to the tips/ ends of the hair and leave it for 1 minute then rinse it off.

I however purposed to use this particular conditioner as a deep conditioner. So after wash day, I applied the conditioner mixing it with a bit of the Mikalla conditioner that I talked about in this post and let it sit on my hair for about 20 minutes while I continued showering. A little sure goes a long way. Ensure your strands are well coated. I then rinsed it out and boy wasn’t I pleased. My hair was so moisturised, and soft to touch. I’m not so sure about the volume though, I think it worked but that could just be in my head.

My verdict: I think the price point is okay,its quite affordable and economical. The scent is very showery and fresh, not too much. It is definitely not a natural smell. The consistency is on the heavier side… and if you apply on the back of your hand it feels very moisturising. it has great slip for detangling. The ingredients though, have a lot of words that you can’t pronounce… which isn’t a nice thing. Otherwise it is a lovely product. I’m not too sure I would repurchase it just yet!!

Ps: If you are a co-washer or anti-shampoo then I wouldn’t recommend this as your go to product. It has silicones!! (see the ingredient list here)

Love and love