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Hair goals for 2019

While the new year new me mantra is never applicable to me, this year I set a couple of goals under different categories. So in this post let’s delve into a bit of the hair goals we set.


Current favorite product for my damaged hair 

Happy Friday loves, As a follow up to last week’s post… I thought I would share with you some of the great products that I have used and have helped me with my heat recovery journey so far…


When good hair goes damaged

Happy Friday ladies and gents, hope this week was kind to you. (who else feels like ladies and gents describes restrooms?) Life has been kind to me too… a couple of lessons here and there. So yesterday was supposed to be my third hair anniversary and honestly my hair has been doing well…. Except I decided to straighten it. All was going well until … Read More When good hair goes damaged



Happy new week… Or at least here in the blog because our weeks start on Friday with a brand new post…. 


4 Not so natural products that I use

Hey lovelies, Hope you are doing well. So today we talk about some products I use that are not exactly viewed as good for your natural hair but they actually work for my hair just fine.


Keeping moisture in the dry season 

Happy new year and welcome back to the newbie natural series. It’s January and here in Nairobi it’s generally hot and dry… Which is an external condition that our fro has to deal with… So How do we get a hold of the ever elusive moisture?


Asymmetrical mini-buns

Happy new year 2018 to you guys… So grateful for hanging out with me on here in 2017… We made many cool achievements that we will be recounting in the next post…

Everything you need to know about conditioning

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Let’s talk trims

Hey guys… We have been on a roll… Getting to talk about all these amazing hair practices. So today we talk about trimming. Before that have you subscribed to my blog yet? If you haven’t yet, please do. So I have gotten a couple of requests to explain how I trim my hair so here we go. Let’s call this a trim guide for … Read More Let’s talk trims