5 Truths from 2018

There’s a little over four days left in 2018 which makes it ideal to share some truths that I have learnt through out this year. Some may sound so cliche but trust me, its the cliché things that we ignore that tend to change our lives. So here are my top five truths…

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On self love

Hey beautiful people…

Happy end of the week. Hope you are holding up well. I am so so excited because September started quite well actually…last Sunday was the best friend’s birthday and we got down to some cooking which I shall share with you soon. Apart from that let us talk about self-love today. When someone says self-love it usually sounds like a bad excuse to indulge in vanity (or so I think in my head) but my mind has gotten round to wrapping itself around that concept.

I read alex_elle’s blog and I was very inspired to get into my own self-love experience and I have been finding so much beauty and love and sunshine in life. I think I am more patient now with the little faults in people (read as peeves). Thinking back to last month I have really experienced so much more love from myself and others as well.

I have had major wins as far as self-appreciation is concerned. Getting to shower my curves and edges with lots of love and even wear them proudly is a big deal! Also, accepting my weaknesses and coming up with a way to improve myself is coming at a pace that I am happy with.

Thanks for journeying with me on this. For those not on board, let’s join and learn to love us!! I would love to hear about your journey too!!

Love and love


Achieve Twist-out definition in 4 steps

Hey loves,

So I have some exciting news!!! I finally got a defined twist out after months and months of trying to deliberately get a good twist out. I was so excited during the take down that believe it or not I faux shot a you tube video in the bathroom. The movement was craayzee oh and I also got to enjoy a bit of length.

Excuse the vanity that will be displayed in this post. Seriously though, who doesn’t love a good twist out for themselves? Well today let us talk about how to get that definition in four steps. They are absolutely easy and you will only need just a few products.

It is IMPORTANT to begin with freshly washed hair because hair without build up does give good style results. I would recommend using clay (bentonite or rhassoul) to wash your hair because the feeling is awesome… and most importantly this is where the definition begins. Also a good conditioning /deep conditioning makes your hair very manageable.


-Leave-in conditioner

-whipped Shea butter

-comb (optional)


Beginning with freshly washed hair, apply your moisturizer… then seal in the moisture with your whipped Shea butter.

Section your hair into six sections, then in each section divide your hair to even smaller sections and begin to two strand twist.

When you twist ensure that you don’t borrow hair.

Add some more Shea butter to the ends of your hair just for some added love. Make sure to twirl the ends of your twist around your finger

Let your hair dry preferably overnight in a stretched style like banding.


Ensure your hair is dry before you take down

Apply some oil on your hands and on the twists to prevent frizz during take down

Gently take down the twists….and separate the hair only where it wants to separate

And voila… definition…

Love and love