The one before the home updates

(this post was written in 2021… You will notice that a lot has changed since)

Inala, exala… That’s what I have been telling myself this whole time since we made a move to continue putting our house together. Ok lets take a few steps back. The year was 2020 and it was the literal turn of the decade and we had just put blood, sweat and a whole lot of money to try make the house we were moving into to be somewhat habitable…because bruh!

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The one with the transition : update 1

Its the end of the week, it was better than the first week. I managed to sit on the work desk for a bit, it almost feels like I am figuring my way around here now. I feel relieved, a lot less anxious and things are beginning to look like they are coming together. We are far from completion, but we are slowly adapting to our space.

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Room make over shopping

I have always wanted to create a little sanctuary in my home. A place where I can want to come home to , basically a relaxed space. Earlier this year when we moved house, I started figuring out what I would like that space to look like and morph into. Read More