Alberto Balsam Shampoo and Conditioner review

Hey everyone,

Hope you have heard a good week so far. Today’s post is a product review. I have been shying away from doing these, but here I am. So let’s dive right into the post.

I bought the two products at Nakumatt retailing for 225 kshs which may be just under 3$ for each product. I love the packaging and both products smell really nice. I used the product on my wash day three weeks ago after wearing my hair blown out for three and a half weeks.

I opted for the sun-kissed cherry flavor for the shampoo because it smells also is quite light and flowy. After my 30mins prepoo with my coconut oil, I headed to the bathroom to wash my hair which was in four sections. I applied about a handful of shampoo to my scalp and massaged it into my scalp. I then rinsed it out.usually I do one wash, but I opted for two washes for properly clarifying sake. Speaking of clarifying, this product has a sulfate, yes it has. I use sulfates as clarifiers (of course with pre-pooing). Surprisingly my hair was clean without my hair over-drying at all. WIN!!

For the conditioner my choice was the anti-oxidant blue berry flavor that also smells amazing. After rinsing out the shampoo I applied the conditioner on to my hair strands and the slip was magical I actually liked it a lot. I let it sit for five minutes on my hair. My hair was actually soft by the end of wash day which is awesome.

So my final thoughts…


The conditioner’s slip is awesome

The shampoo doesn’t actually dry out your hair.

Its cheap, both products retail for under $5

There is a wide variety of flavors…


Sulfates… need I say more

Also the conditioner has silicone which makes it un-ideal for co-washing.

Have you used this product before/ what was your experience?



Coming up with a regimen

Hey lovelies,

I shared with you my hair regimen a while back and I’m thinking the next question is how do you then personalize your hair journey and regimen? When I started out on this journey the biggest favour I did for myself was to keep my eyes open and of course my brain. I read all that I could read and sifted through loads of information. I still read a lot much more than I did then. I found some five “mantras” that really helped me get a foothold of this journey and I shall share with you

1. Read and read a lot

There is loads and loads of information everywhere and that is what you need. Look out for any information and go through it. Try synthesize it so that you come up with and understanding of your own. There are youtubers and bloggers who hand that information to you free of charge. Grasp the opportunities to learn. I say this quite cautiously because the information might be contradicting so keep your brain open to think and find out what best works for you.

2. Deep condition every time you wash and co wash

Our hair need lots of moisture and this is one of the ways to ensure our hair keeps in the moisture. It can be a little taxing because it adds 30 minutes or there about to your wash day which is a sacrifice on your part. So when you make it a habit, it stops bothering you, you actually love it. (I even started deep conditioning on the go under my scarves and turbans.

3. No combs or harsh tools in the first six months

In the first months of your journey especially if you are recovering from some type of damage, your hair is trying to figure out the sudden change in patterns and habits, so be gentle to it. Try finger detangling and keeping it in protective styles so that it figures out itself slowly but surely.

4. Social media

Inspiration comes from here. Diversify your crowd to include natural hair peoples who are also in the same journey you are in.

5. You

Here is where the bulk of the work lies. I had to give you a pep talk in the first four points so that we get to the big deal here.

  • Look at your schedule, create time for your hair… a time when you are relaxed because you don’t want to touch bae when you are frustrated ey?

  • Lean to handle your own hair. Nobody does your hair better than you.

  • Keep your mind open. You may try and sometimes fail, but don’t be afraid to try again

  • Also hair grows from inside out. What are you eating? What is your lifestyle like?

How did you come up with your hair regimen? I’d love to know…drop me a comment

To find out about my regimen, there is this post

Love and love


My hair regimen

I have been natural all my life really but I just began minding my hair about one year five months ago. Its been quite an experience and an interesting.

One of the major things / tasks you embark on is to then come up with a regimen that will make it easy for you to cope with the seemingly new lifestyle. I shall share with you mine and hopefully it will help.

So when I started I decided to go heat free for six months. This is how I coped with it.

WEEKLY: -co-wash with conditioner

-deep condition

-style hair in two strand twists

– Alternate between twisting hair and having hair in an up-do


-shampoo hair and condition

-deep condition

Then after school began, I made slight changes in my regimen. I began to stretch my wash day two weeks apart and shampoo my hair less.

Also I incorporated protein deep conditioners, henna glosses and lately, bentonite clay also made its way into my regimen as well. I have seen lots of progress with my hair as far as length and volume are concerned.

My current hair regimen is:

DAILY-EVERY OTHER DAY: -moisturize and seal

BI-WEEKLY: -co-wash with conditioner

-deep condition

-style hair in two strand twists

– alternate between twisting hair and having hair in an up-do. (I also wear my hair out a lot these days)


-shampoo hair and condition (I can stretch my shampoo days to six weeks)

-deep condition with a protein conditioner

-Do a henna gloss treatment

(I have begun to supplement my shampoo with bentonite clay and my hair loves it.)

What is your hair regimen? Do you love it? I’d love to hear what you say.

Love and love


OOTD…. or is it HOTD?

Hey loves,

This post will be really brief as I just popped in to say hello and also to share a little of an outfit and mainly hair up-do. (between me and you, I’m not a style guru, I’m more of a wake up and wear the easiest outfit to put on person.)

So this past Saturday, the spirit as it were came over me and I put together this up-do and then wore something that be-fitted the whole mood cast by hair. Here are some random photos, we took.

if you would like a pictorial on how to kinda recreate the up-do please comment below.

Happy rest of the week.



Newbie Natural…|5 basics

So are you are new natural or as confused as I was when I began my journey? (Let’s not even mention lusting after long tresses from other natural hair gurus). Are you planning to walk into the shop to begin your purchases? Well, I have a couple of ideas for you… especially if you are in Kenya.

Where to go:

  • Your kitchen : its valuable, lots of stuff come from here… you won’t even believe

  • Supermarket: I find Nakumatt quite stocked. You may opt for other supermarkets.

  • Super Cosmetics : its singlehandedly the largest stocker of natural friendly products at a relatively fair price

  • Facebook vendors: they are life savers. Get one from an established source like Tricia’s Naturals Marketplace

So let’s begin…

1. Three letters: L.O.C

The Key to healthy natural hair is maintaining moisture in your hair. For moisture to be maintained we need to introduce moisture into our hair first hence the L in L.O.C. it stands for liquid. Water is the ONLY liquid that can introduce moisture into our strands. Water is free!

The O in L.O.C is for oil. It is best to buy food grade oil like Extra Virgin Olive oil or Coconut oil to get the nutrients in their most pure forms. These oils are also great for your skin. One or two oils are just okay, don’t break your bank.

The C in L.O.C is for Cream. This helps seal in the moisture. Shea butter or any butter (mango, cocoa) that includes petroleum Jelly can do the job just fine. Petroleum products however need to be washed out of the hair with harsh shampoos so caution should be taken when using it.

2. Shampoo

Sulfate free shampoo should be priority at all times unless you are using harsh ingredients all the time. If you have to use a sulfates shampoo, opt for kinder versions like laureth sulfates as opposed to lauryl sulphates. Generally sulphates shampoos should be used once in six to eight weeks and hair should be conditioned afterwards.

I learnt a super easy sulfate free shampoo DIY recipe that I will share soon on the blog. Hang around.

3. Spray Bottle

This will facilitate moisturizing your hair and can easily be obtained in a supermarket.

A simple recipe to incorporate in the mix:

  • Water

  • 1 teaspoon of conditioner

  • Glycerine/ aloevera juice

  • 1 tablespoon of your favourite oil

Mix well and spray away, let your strands soak in the moisture.

4. Satin scarf

To sleep with. Satin unlike cotton helps keep moisture in the hair longer so do yourself a favor and get one.

5. Patience

Hair takes time to grow… don’t get frustrated just hang in there. With the right diet and lifestyle you should be just fine.

Love and love


Protective styling | natural hair

Hey loves,

I am just over a year a year natural…more like just over a year of being heat free and salon free. I finally resolved to quit having people handle my hair (mostly because I didn’t have a single person who could handle unblowdried hair.)

So how did that go…

I woke up one morning, after about a month of trying to figure out what I needed and walked into Super cosmetics and picked up Cantu leave in conditioner, made a spray bottle mix and after washing my hair,I applied Cantu and began twisting my hair. Just like that, two strand twists became my go to protective style.

I kept them in for a week, then switched with and updo the following week so that my hair could get to rest then switch back to twists. Doing my hair became my weekend plot. This was of course until I discovered that with good care I could keep the twists in for two weeks… this was pretty much the first six months of my journey. Between me and you tho: there are times when frustration took a hold of me and I just fluffed my fro and walked out of the door.

The Result….

I did a mini length check at the end of month six, and while length wasn’t as significant, I got volume and volume for days.

In the second half of the year…

I embraced the fro, wore it out more often. I learnt the art of doing my puffs, or at least I think so. They became my friend. (I secretly like them because they are easy to put together and usually look so nice effortlessly.) I also wore my two strand twists or did updos to supplement my puffs so that my edges could be spared the strain.

The Result…

I gained volume again, and length…. More than the times I used to regularly heat and braid my hair.

I have been craving extensions of late, I’m not sure I will yield just yet. I am currently extremely content with being able to handle my hair by myself.

What are your favourite protective styles?

love and love