My 2021 vision board

We caught up 10 days ago… Ish. in between then, I have had immunization done against the panoramic.(the misspelling is intentional) That’s literally the biggest news I currently have just because everything else pretty much is rinse and repeat. How have you been? Hope you have been doing well.

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october planner +Journal printable

I’m not sure if I should do a microphone check here or on YouTube because I have been Missing in action… and I am not sure I have fully come back. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that is so exhausting. it looks like late nights, blood ,sweat and tears basically . then rinse and repeat the cycle. So my mind has not been blog present as much. However, because planning is a must have part of my process….I have to show up so that we can plan together as is custom.

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Hello September + free printable

I have been super overwhelmed this week trying to juggle deadline after deadline and a little unexpected move so its been rough on this end. That, and also the fact that Ms Flo showed up with her cousins (bloating and cramps ) which is  definitely a story or another day. Read More