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Aren’t posts you write while seated on the toilet the best huh?…. Because that’s what I am currently doing. If I am being honest it’s probably my shot at quiet alone time today… Hope you are all doing amazing.

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Hello loves,

Today we have a review of DOVE conditioner that I picked from Nakumatt Supermarket after lusting for it for almost a year. I almost picked it a couple of times, just that it has silicones which I am not too big on. Nonetheless, I got it and tried it. My first reaction was actually, “why have I never tried this before?”… It is from the nutritive solutions range which is a new line by Dove. It cost 300 kshs which is about $3 for 200ml. I would sy the pricing is okay… not too much.

So it promises to “help boost the volume of fine hair leaving it looking thicker fuller and beautifully bouncy”. The instructions say that you use it after shampooing and apply from mid length to the tips/ ends of the hair and leave it for 1 minute then rinse it off.

I however purposed to use this particular conditioner as a deep conditioner. So after wash day, I applied the conditioner mixing it with a bit of the Mikalla conditioner that I talked about in this post and let it sit on my hair for about 20 minutes while I continued showering. A little sure goes a long way. Ensure your strands are well coated. I then rinsed it out and boy wasn’t I pleased. My hair was so moisturised, and soft to touch. I’m not so sure about the volume though, I think it worked but that could just be in my head.

My verdict: I think the price point is okay,its quite affordable and economical. The scent is very showery and fresh, not too much. It is definitely not a natural smell. The consistency is on the heavier side… and if you apply on the back of your hand it feels very moisturising. it has great slip for detangling. The ingredients though, have a lot of words that you can’t pronounce… which isn’t a nice thing. Otherwise it is a lovely product. I’m not too sure I would repurchase it just yet!!

Ps: If you are a co-washer or anti-shampoo then I wouldn’t recommend this as your go to product. It has silicones!! (see the ingredient list here)

Love and love


UGRWM: Wash day feat Mikalla

Hello loves,

Happy post Christmas!! I hope we didn’t eat ourselves to stupor!! The interesting thing about this festive season apart from having a super long holiday is how, Christmas and New year are usually a week apart. Its almost like a crash party progamme where you have to look glammed up for two weekends in a row!! If this is worrying you… don’t worry, I got you this week. We start with the post Christmas wash day today.

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Alberto Balsam Shampoo and Conditioner review

Hey everyone,

Hope you have heard a good week so far. Today’s post is a product review. I have been shying away from doing these, but here I am. So let’s dive right into the post.

I bought the two products at Nakumatt retailing for 225 kshs which may be just under 3$ for each product. I love the packaging and both products smell really nice. I used the product on my wash day three weeks ago after wearing my hair blown out for three and a half weeks.

I opted for the sun-kissed cherry flavor for the shampoo because it smells also is quite light and flowy. After my 30mins prepoo with my coconut oil, I headed to the bathroom to wash my hair which was in four sections. I applied about a handful of shampoo to my scalp and massaged it into my scalp. I then rinsed it out.usually I do one wash, but I opted for two washes for properly clarifying sake. Speaking of clarifying, this product has a sulfate, yes it has. I use sulfates as clarifiers (of course with pre-pooing). Surprisingly my hair was clean without my hair over-drying at all. WIN!!

For the conditioner my choice was the anti-oxidant blue berry flavor that also smells amazing. After rinsing out the shampoo I applied the conditioner on to my hair strands and the slip was magical I actually liked it a lot. I let it sit for five minutes on my hair. My hair was actually soft by the end of wash day which is awesome.

So my final thoughts…


The conditioner’s slip is awesome

The shampoo doesn’t actually dry out your hair.

Its cheap, both products retail for under $5

There is a wide variety of flavors…


Sulfates… need I say more

Also the conditioner has silicone which makes it un-ideal for co-washing.

Have you used this product before/ what was your experience?