The Stomach bug

This post is late because its been a week, technically quite a weekend. I’m sitting here typing this knowing that I have to go out later today and upgrade my wardrobe for warm clothes because Nairobi is showing me small small dust. I don’t know how you Nairobi people have been surviving this weather, and allegedly its better than it has been. This weather stresses me out, and not being prepared for it makes it even worse. As I figure out how to put together my wardrobe, let me catch you up on the weekend.

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Simplifying my movement

I am smiling at myself as I type this because todays post makes me sound like those people who have just gotten into a relationship and then started dishing out advice. Well let me set your heart at ease and assure you that I have no advice to give, or at last I have stopped being those people. Mostly because half the time i have no idea what I am doing and the other half of the time life is set up in a way to embarrass the loudest people. So I am pretty content with just telling my stories, especially with my recent surge in creative juices/ big need to have a creative outlet.

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A marriage like mine

Just woke up. I have for the last week tried to wake up before 0600hours which has had me wake up between 0445hrs and 0600hrs which is impressive. I’m having a cup of tea while catching up on updating the vlog. Have you noticed site changes? Now you can support my work by donating while I also work on a few exciting projects that I can’t wait to bring to you. Funny enough I am still excited about this year… the discomfort has really pushed me. It’s difficult though make no mistake.

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Cuddles and shoulders…Difficult days

The story of how I met or rather started being close with my best friend is actually interesting. If you really want the full scoop check out our blog. ( haha we used to blog). I think about it and can’t help but notice how we unknowingly had the same kind of interests and circumstances. If I was superstitious I would definitely say that we were meant to be… But I am not…also our path just showed me that it wasn’t predestined but rather effort and intention. (That is definitely a story for another day) I digress. Read More

Unsolicited Advice is back

Well more like unsolicited opinions because we have A LOT of them. B and I stay awake on the phone and sometimes in person having conversations and just exchanging opinions amongst ourselves. So we created this series to share our weird and most of the time not normal opinions about a couple of issues. (yes, that pun was intended)

We have done two or three episodes so far and the first episode of 2020 is now out….Lets talk submission on the channel.



Exploring our relationship

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Answering personal questions

One of the things that I love very much is to read biographies and auto biographies…in fact its most of what formed my read list this year. I like how personal stories break down some of the people I admire to chunks that I can relate with.

So B and I sat down on the channel this week to give some little stories of some of our encounters in a video of answering personal questions. Hope you enjoy it.

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Date night… beach vibes

Needed to feature this amazing set that let me be part of the #croptopsinjune family and also a member of the coveted #fatgirlswearcroptops…. a little of a back story: I had planned to wear this in Nairobi in June because I was trying to be hot. Well, two things happened.. Read More