Garnier 3 in 1 charcoal mask

If you live in Kenya and you regularly browse through this Internet streets, you have probably encountered the Garnier skin active intensive 3 in 1 charcoal mask. Its literally the celebrity of masks. Its impressive the work loreal East Arica has done to make skin care accessible for a lot of us. So this is their flagship product that is found in many states and on the Garnier official store on Jumia. But is it worth the hype?

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Your sunscreen reminder

I was watching a video from my channel of some time last year when I was showing my skin care routine….I think its the last skin care routine I shared with you on the channel….and I was cringing all through and through. Not only did I have some gross mistakes in the video, but the sheer lack of sunscreen…..

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June’s unboxing + Updates

In June,I took a break from creating to chill and create in other ways away from social media.This was a much needed break from posting twice a week for almost two months (rather since quarantine began) and I was mentally exhausted and needed to take a breather. Of course life was still going on and I picked a camera a couple of times to catch some of those moments.

Which is what I want to share today in this quick post.

Also did you catch this New Friday series? I will be sharing my adulting experinces every Friday this month. So be sure to catch that here on the blog.



Sheet mask 101

I am not sure that I have talked sbout this before but I have a masking routine…which is quite intense. One thing I started to incorporate in my routine is sheet masks and I find them quite hydrating.

When I was doing my skin care this week, I put together a quick 2 minute video of how I incorporate the masks in my routine….Have a look.

Do you incorporate this masks in your routine?

Love and love