Let’s review some sunscreens

I have just opened this blog in almost over two months. To be fair its actually three months now that today is the last day of February. Saying that this year started on a rather hectic note would be just a tip of the ice bag. I have struggled in all aspects of life in every sense of the word. I actually shared a bit of that on this Instagram post.

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Masking for the win!!

Every time my skin behaves, I do a little happy dance because if like me you have acne, you know how real the struggle can be. One of the steps that I have taken is to mask my face 2-3 times a week. This may actually seem a lot to people but it has been working for my skin… To keep it calm. I am still learning to manage my skin and show up in the best way possible and that has meant listening to what my skin needs.

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How my skin care shelf looks like

Do I apologize or do I just say hi and spam you with long overdue content. Welcome back back to my little space on the internet where we share all things lifestyle. I have been geeking about skin lately and I am more than excited to bring you the skin series on Instagram. This week I just wanted o show yo my skin care shelf and the products that I have and take you a little bit behind the thought process of getting those products. This video is as much of the products that I have (though I have since made new purchases) and a good representation of what I usually think about when purchasing a product.

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my am skin care routine video

I am hoping that you caught up with my basic skin foundation post that I shared here.…if you haven’t already, that would be a good place to start . Today however I just wanted to take you with me while I do my skin care….and chat a little about my steps. Let’s get right into it

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basic skin care routine EP 2

I think the last time I was on here is probably 3 weeks ago. I decided to go on an unannounced break that if I am to be totally honest with you, I didn’t even anticipate. 2020 has truly been a year full of surprises and sometimes unwelcome ones at that. That is also how it is almost midnight and I am rushing to finish this blogpost so that I can try sleep. I genuinely hope you all have been doing well and perhaps even been busy so you didn’t miss me that much. Before we delve into my little skin highlight, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the support that you have been giving me on my platforms… I have felt so much love coming my way…. We even hit a whooping 200 subscribers o the channel…Can you believe it? (if you haven’t subscribed yet, you are missing out in the fun over there…and also, support a girl no?)

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3 basic skin care rules everyone should apply

Mondays are usually a struggle for me, infact, I stopped counting them as the first day of the week. Today however I decided to change the rhythm for this week. Actually, this is what happened. Last week was a DIFFICULT week, wueh! I shared part of it here in this post….the part that I did not share however was a little personal crisis that I fell into somewhere in the middle of the week. Hopefully I will find the right words for it to share soon, because I strongly feel that its a topic that needs to be shared. It ended up making me feel like I was the worst person in the world however, without even knowing why necessarily. Somewhere along the week though as I was sitting with my feelings and processing them, I got this strong resolve about my self perception that I can’t even explain…but that’s what is driving me this week.

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Skin care mistakes

If there is something that changes in my life, it is definitely my skin care routine. i am constantly learning and trying to implement everything that I am learning in order to give my skin the best experience.Learning means a few tweaks in products or methods . Read More

Who sent this quarantine skin?

When quarantine began, everyone was gushing about how staying at home was going to have them take care of their skin and bodies and how they would be their fittest.

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My 2019 skin care routine

I have always been so intentional about my skin and its one of those things that not only excites me but its part and parcel of my self care journey.

So I have hopped from one skin care regimen to another in a bid to find what works for my skin… I am still not there but I haven’t had a break out in eons which is a good sign.

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