Confidence…the struggle

Hey people

I have a confession to make. So if you have met me before, you probably know that I am one of the people who pretty much have their lives together. I have really supportive parents and a great best friend who couples up as bae (read as the “one”) and the best sisters you could ask for. Generally my squad is dope! And as you would expect my life is set.

End of illusion and now welcome to the real world. I know it sounds cliché but the truth is my life is quite the contrary, and no it’s not because of family or bae. I happen to be one of the most freak-out-iy (I proudly created this word and claim all rights to it) person ever! Yes, I worry a lot and are very quick to discredit myself.

You see when I say that I am not the most confident person lots of my friends and acquaintances will dispute that, I mean I’m all about asking questions and dishing opinions here and there. In fact I’m usually the class perfect back-up vote of thanks person. But for some reason I have bouts of low confidence moments that hit hard. And they hit more frequently than I like to admit.

I had such a week ago and of course you know that the week was mostly a slump. I didn’t even feel like waking up or doing anything. It was just like dig a hole and bury yourself in there kind of mentality. the good news is that the cloud usually finally lifts even if it’s only for a bit. When it does, feel free to enjoy the sunshine that peeks through (and I’d say enjoy it to the maximum.)

I thought I’d share with you a couple of ways I try to deal with these days

  1. Get a cheerleader

This is your real squad, those who challenge you and point out your awesomenesss. It could be one person or many depending on you. Your family may be a good place to start or your significant other. Share with them what you are going through and be honest about it even though it is a small thing. Usually a cup of tea or juice or your favourite ice-cream later, you will be so full of positive vibes you will be amazed.

It would be important to state here that you should really avoid anyone who belittles your emotion because you will end up feeling twice as bad.

2. Do something you love

Yes, your hobby like swimming, colouring or hiking etc. just do something that redirects your energy. This helps to distract you and chances are you may be fairly good at it so why not.

3.Try and avoid the trigger

If it is a person or circumstance that you can avoid please do. Hanging around them will only make it worse!! If you can’t avoid then try to limit exposure .

Also talking to HIM helps a lot it’s probably the best solution, but there are times that I have been in such a hole that I didn’t think HE would listen to me anyway. Here is where a bestie comes in because, they pray for you (which is a plus) and pray with you which is super awesome!!!

How else do you deal with low moments? I would love to know.



Me time routine


So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I love to pamper myself. I do it more frequently now because my body has been and still is under so much pressure to perform such strenuous tasks (i.e project things). One would think that pampering has to be so expensive but contrary to most opinions, it doesn’t have to. This post is just about to show you how I achieve my pampering sessions at home by myself and in an inexpensive way.

Before that though, its important to note that pampering is a good way to relax your body and help it to get rid of the bad stuff.

BODY SCRUBS are a great way to exfoliate the skin which gets rid of the dead cells. It also helps in circulation of blood which means your skin is more nourished. Since the skin is the most peripheral organ of the body, often it doesn’t get enough blood due to various factors of lifestyle and so it’s actually cool to conjure proper circulation. Did I mention how well your skin absorbs moisture after a good scrub?

MASSAGES are also a great way to help boost circulation and great for relaxation as well. The best part about this is if someone (i.e. your significant other) is doing it for you, it’s a great way to bond as well ey? *insert cheeky emoji*. Also, who likes to have a scalp massage? It is actually great for hair growth as well.

SALT BATHS are absolutely relaxing as well. You don’t have to have a bath tub, you could make a salt scrub (for the shower peoples) or add some to your hot bucket showers. Also soaking your feet in salty water is a great way to relax your feet especially after a long walk in heels. (can I get an amen somebody?)

I pamper once to twice a week simply because I can and it has also been kind of chilly which has necessitated the warm baths and body scrubs even more just to keep the body up for the cold weather. This is how I do it,

I either: -PREPOO SCRUB with my DIY coco-carb scrub

-wash my face with African black soap

-scrub my face then use a mask

-take a bucket bath with my shower gel

-rinse out my scrub


Or :

-Do my facial routine

-take a bucket bath with my shower gel

-scrub with a store bought scrub

– rinse out the scrub


Then; -wear your cotton pyjamas

-Get your cup of tea… hot tea

-Grab your favourite book (or if you are like me, a coloring book)

-Get into your sheets and or bean bag.

Have a relaxed day, won’t you?

How else do you pamper yourself / relax?

Love and love


Recent Favourite Habits

Hello loves,

Happy Sunday, the day we all get to prepare for a busy week ahead. Hope you have been great as I have. Today I thought I’d share with you a few of the things I have been loving of late and have been giving me life. I compiled both habits and products.

1.Waking up early.

Im such an early bird, I love to wake up as early as four and I find it quite interesting to work in the silence of the early morning. Though I have been a little over board with this early thing and my body is tired right now, I still find it really awesome to wake up early in the morning.

2.Pampering myself

Having mentioned how my body has been overworking, this has become my favourite activity. It helps your body to relax especially when you don’t have enough time to let your body relax naturally and rejuvenate itself. A bonus is that the products smell so good.


My friend Winny got me this absolute bae, yea an adult coloring book as a way to channel my inner creativity. I wanted it so bad! Thanks Winny. Did I also say it is a great way to relax your brain? You can get one for yourself here.


Walking is a great relaxing way to exercise. I have been taking these with B seeing that we are forest peoples and love outdoors so much. Great places to have walks include Karura forest, it has really long trails that are exciting.

5.Me- time/ time alone

Time alone is great for re-evaluating and reflecting on your life, (and no this is not meant to sound deep). Taking time alone does give you the necessary recharge you need to go on with life. Best time alones are spent in meditation and also prayer. I sometimes color, listen to music or tag B along and have serious conversations.


You usually feel so much better when you eat well, and eat good food yes? This is also true in my case, except that I feel way better knowing that I can prepare good food as well. I have tried and failed, sometimes succeded to make absolutely awesome dishes that I will share on the blog a little later.

What have you loved of late? I would love to know…share with me in the comments section below.