Watch me do my hair

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The bun life

Hey loves,

Happy Monday hope you are doing well. Glad to be back on here after some silence. I had some logistical challenges (no camera) but I am grateful that they are over and I am up for some great content for the rest of August and hopefully September too.

While I was away… I learnt that my hair is finally big enough to get into a bunch unassisted which had been a long time goal of mine.

I have never been the person to force my hair into styles simply because I am very tender headed and the headache I get after over manipulating my hair is not worth it.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was in the bathroom just wondering what to do with my hair and in the process of toying around I find out that my hair can finally go into a bun! Of course I am super excited!

I am due for a length check sometime this month and I. Can’t wait to see how well my hair is doing plus get my much needed trim.

Meanwhile I am massaging my scalp a little more because I have been experiencing some scalp dryness and tenderness.

I have an update on my hair regimen coming soon.

Love and love

My top 7 favourite hair products

Hey loves,

Happy Friday…. How’s your fro doing? Today we talk my top hair products that I absolutely love and have probably helped me in my journey.

  • Mosara moisture milk

This has to be one of my hair’s first loves to be honest. I wasn’t too fond of the scent (or lack thereof) that the product had initially but it kinda grew on me. I like the fact that the product does what it promises. Your hair is literally moisturised and combable. The best part is its Kenyan, handmade and organic!! As a plus, it is relatively inexpensive. I would definitely recommend this.

  • Cantu leave in conditioning and repair cream

My hair has a love affair with this product as well as the Leave in conditioning cream for natural hair! It has a thick consistency that my hair loves and smells like a tropical paradise quite literally. I like that my hair feels moisturised as a plus.

  • Genuine botanica coconut hibiscus conditioner

I got this product by mistake, after sending my cousin for some shea moisture and she accidentally brought this conditioner to me. I am not sure it is available in Kenya but I can’t possibly omit this from my list either. If you are ever looking for a conditioner that is silicone free, thick, has tonnes of slip and smells good and is organic, this one is it!!

  • Whipped shea butter

At the beginning of my hair journey, I always wondered why everyone raved about shea butter because ti just never worked for me. Fast forward one year later, after re-trying this whipped shea butter, my twist out results were bomb!! The thickness of the product is definitely a win, especially in helping your hair retain moisture for longer.

  • vo5 conditoner

A little light and runny but has excellent slip and is really great for detangling. It is relatively inexpensive and smells great. You may need to use a lot but I love it.

  • Suave naturals coconut conditioner

Is my absolute favourite and has literally walked with me through my hair journey. It has just the right consistency, tonnes of slip and smells really great. I can’t seem to spot it in the shops any more but it has been a lovely conditioner .

EDIT: I found it in Carrefour supermarket in the Hub mall in Karen. I used it for wash day last week and it was too awesome!!

  • Venus anti breakage hair treatment

This is the most un-natural product in this list (in terms of stereo typical natural hair products) but works better than a lot of products I have tried. I use it as my protein treatment because it has hydrolyzed keratin and it is literally anti-breakage as it promises.

What are your favourite products?

Love and love


My top 7 favourite hair products

Hey loves,

Happy Friday…. How’s your fro doing? Today we talk my top hair products that I absolutely love and have probably helped me in my journey.

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How to: Faux tapered cut on Natural hair

Hello loves,

Happy new month!! How has been your hair journey?

Sometimes in your hair journey, your hair grows but you crave to have some short hairstyles. That was me a couple of weeks ago, when I saw some amazeballs tapered cut and wanted to recreate it. It is a fairly easy hairstyle and will take about 15-30 minutes to have on.

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